Lance Jacobs – Why I Joined Rafay Systems

I’m excited to join the team at Rafay Systems as Vice President of Global Sales. For me, it’s been an interesting journey. My career has included leadership roles at many successful companies including Soha/Akamai, Authy/Twilio, and ThreatMetrix, among others. When I joined a startup in 2015 called Soha Systems I knew I was taking a risk, but I was drawn to the experienced founding team along with their vision and technology. Of course, the rest is history: Soha went on to blaze the path for Zero Trust security, and was acquired by one of our larger partners, Akamai Technologies, in October 2016. I led the sales effort for Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access, the rebranded Soha product, till about a week ago.

I joined Rafay because the company is at the intersection of several trends driving enterprises to replatform: Digital Transformation, multi-cloud, and the contanizeration of legacy apps, just to name a few. Organizations are realizing significant improvements in operational costs and agility by moving to service-based platforms. The migration away from self-managed compute environments to the cloud is the most salient example of this. Now that most organizations have adopted the cloud in one way or another, a multi-cloud strategy is poised to be the next logical step in cloud consumption for many of them.

In fact, virtually every enterprise is already running applications in what could be considered a multi-cloud environment: on-prem and in a public cloud. Often times, this requires more resources in terms of time and effort than many realize. For a mid-sized company, the cost to build and maintain the containerized application infrastructure can easily slip into the million dollars and beyond range; having three to four dedicated employees is all it takes. For larger organizations, it can be a small fortune.

Rafay has a unique, highly differentiated SaaS offering that fundamentally changes the way enterprises deploy, upgrade, monitor, and scale their containerized applications. The company’s platform is delivered as a service, and eliminates an organization’s need to internally acquire, build and maintain the team and tooling that would otherwise be required. The Rafay platform becomes the operational system for containerized applications across all environments, cloud or otherwise. I believe that developers and CIOs alike will appreciate the convenience and power of this disruptive solution. It is a game changer.

It’s only my second week here at Rafay, but I’m already seeing an enthusiastic response from prospects, customers, resellers, partners and analysts. I expect that this will only continue as we build out the company and begin to dominate the market. I’m excited for what comes next, including our first event of the year, DockerCon 2019, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. If you happen to be attending, please drop by and say hello. If you’d like to meet with us at DockerCon, feel free to schedule a time at the conference.