If you know Stephen Spector and Rob Hirschfeld, you know that they are not only running a great company, they also produce one of the most interesting podcasts(Latest Shiny Podcast) out there. Stephen and Rob spent some time with us recently, talking through the infrastructure edge opportunity, application development methodologies that leverage edge computing, and much […]

This blog originally appeared on Hackernoon. I walked into the office earlier this week to find a serious discussion raging amongst the engineering team. Concerned that the team had hit some technical roadblock, I skipped my customary walk to the coffee machine and instead grabbed a chair in the bullpen. “What happened?” I asked. “Did […]

Our good friend and advisor, Debashis Saha (VP Infrastructure, Intuit), just published a great blog in InformationWeek that underscores the Rafay Systems thesis: Edge Computing is so much more than IoT! We highly recommend reading Debashis’ blog and sharing your thoughts with him directly via the blog site, or leaving a comment here. Full text of the article follows: […]

State of the Edge Report

Edge computing is a tremendous new opportunity that has captured the industry’s imagination. The performance and security improvements possible at the infrastructure edge promise to fundamentally improve application performance. The edge will enable an entirely new set of experiences for end users accessing interactive applications over the Internet. But it takes a village. To ensure […]

This blog was originally published on Hackernoon. Yes, Edge computing is a massive opportunity by any measure ($6.7B by 2022 according to this Markets & Markets report), but maybe we need to think bigger. Many in the industry are applying their energies to use cases such as in-region data processing, fast rendering for multi-player games and […]

This blog was originally published on Hackernoon. As James Markarian stated in his recent Infoworld article, “[when] it comes to the cloud, best-of-breed wins.” James also discussed how the quest for best-of-breed will drive multi-cloud adoption, giving the example of how a Microsoft-centric enterprise may choose Microsoft Azure for their apps, while choosing Google Cloud […]