Rafay Deal Registration

Rafay’s Deal Registration process comes with distinct advantages for signed Rafay partners, such as deal protection and discounting.

To Protect your deal and initiate engagement with the Rafay channel and sales teams, please complete the below form.

Deal Registration Criteria

  • The Rafay Deal Registration Form must be filled out completely.
  • Before registering a deal/opportunity, the partner has made reasonable pre-sales efforts to qualify and quantify the opportunity. Rafay may request the registering partner to provide documentation of such efforts, including proof of date and time of any activity.
  • Only one Rafay partner will be allowed to register a specific deal/opportunity with a specific contact at that account.
  • If a conflict arises where two or more partners claim the same deal/opportunity, Rafay, in its sole discretion, will identify which partner will receive the approved deal registration.
  • The Deal Registration must be approved by Rafay. Generally this can take up to three (3) business days. Once approved, the deal/opportunity will be assigned a dedicated deal registration number.
  • Deal registration numbers will expire 180 days from submission date. If necessary, please work with your Rafay channel sales contact to request an extension.
  • The partner is encouraged to work with Rafay to address any of the customer or prospect’s needs. Rafay will participate in additional meetings with the customer as needed.
  • As long as a deal registration is active, the assigned partner will not pitch Rafay’s competition to the deal/opportunity

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