Enterprise Integrations

Rafay seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise and open source platforms and tools

Rafay’s broad suite of integrations simplify the adoption of critical technologies, such as secrets management, runtime configuration updates, log and metrics aggregation.

Now that Kubernetes is the de facto standard for container orchestration, companies are actively working to figure out how it plugs into their existing governance, visibility, monitoring, assets. Organizations also find themselves developing integrations with Kubernetes to make applications work with their chosen systems for CI, security, logging, monitoring, access control, and other needs. These efforts require the development and ongoing maintenance of a variety of tools, each with its own lifecycle. All this adds complexity, which will only grow over time.

Rafay provides turnkey, one-click integrations with common IT platforms for security, monitoring, debugging, governance, etc. The platform also provides out-of-the-box integrations with a number of continuous integration (CI) systems as well as commonly used container registries. These integrations make the Rafay platform a key productivity driver for DevOps and SRE teams.