PlatformCon23 is one of the biggest Platform Engineering events of the year with top DevOps and platform engineering leaders on one virtual stage, for 2 days.

Join Rafay at PlatformCon to explore:

  • A blueprint for platforming Kubernetes operations: This talk dives into the challenges, design considerations, tradeoffs, and approaches platform engineering teams can take when building a platform for Kubernetes operations. We’ll discuss how to balance an incredible developer experience with enterprise-wide governance and automation.
  • A blueprint for enabling multi-tenancy for production Kubernetes cluster – Learn about best practices to successfully enable a shared multi-tenant cluster model in your enterprise to save on costs, while still being able to meet your developer self-service and organizational requirements in terms of governance and security.
  • Enable secure self-service access to Kubernetes clusters with Paralus: This talk dives into the challenges and design considerations that platform teams have to take into account to enable secure KubeAPI server access for their users. We’ll discuss how Paralus OSS can make it extremely simple for enterprises to implement a zero-trust model to achieve this.

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