Intelligent Application Deployment

Rafay’s container and metadata distribution capabilities enable seamless federation and operation of applications across Kubernetes clusters in cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments

Every team starts their Kubernetes journey with a single cluster. And every team quickly progresses to using multiple clusters. Multi-cluster usage may be driven due to the varying needs of different sub-teams (QA, development, support, etc.), or because the business needs applications deployed across multiple regions or hybrid environments. But the current state of continuous deployment and cluster federation implementations leave a number of gaps with respect to synchronizing container images, runtime configuration and secrets across clusters. This is particularly true in scenarios where network connectivity between the command issuing authority and a given cluster is not guaranteed.

Rafay’s Intelligent Application Deployment capabilities provides a federation framework to seamlessly deploy applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions or in hybrid environments. The platform’s scalable distribution capability enables seamless data and metadata aggregation to easily move logs, metrics and other operational information to central/regional locations for fast fault detection, debugging and audit.

The Rafay platform applies intelligent application deployment to the following lifecycle management tasks.