Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud App Deployment and Operations

The Challenge

Successful companies, spanning a broad range of industries, serve online customers and end users that are often spread across broad geographies. Even when a customer footprint is limited to the United States, ensuring an optimal end-user experience requires applications to be deployed and operated in multiple locations. These locations may be a combination of a VMware-based private cloud and an Amazon Web Service (AWS) region, or multiple regions across AWS. To add to this, many enterprises are exploring multi-cloud strategies – leveraging a combination of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP) – and other provider infrastructures strategies to protect their infrastructure investments from vendor lock-in.

The “application containerization” wave addresses a key challenge as it relates to developing applications and packaging application logic: container images can be run in any location where the requisite container runtime environments are present. But operating container runtime environments across different regions and providers and solving for application operations and lifecycle management are massive challenges. To address this, organizations end up buying or building, and then operating, complex containerized application management platforms. Over time, as applications and cloud environments grow, the complexity multiplies.

Whether a company sells shoes online and operates their web properties across multiple AWS regions, runs a cloud gaming platform across multiple public clouds, or provides ride-sharing services across data center colocations globally, the level of specialization needed to build and maintain a unified application distribution, cross-site scaling, and lifecycle management has net-negative ROI.

The Solution

Rafay helps companies run their containerized apps anywhere. Rafay’s platform eliminates the complexity that operations and development teams face when deploying containerized apps across public clouds and/or across on-premise environments. Available as a SaaS offering, Rafay’s platform is built around foundational elements that together empower companies to automate the distribution, operations, cross-region scaling and lifecycle management of containerized microservices.