Environment Manager

Automate Full-Stack Environment Provisioning with Terraform

Many enterprises take three months or more to deploy a modern application due to challenges related to the tools available to automate the provisioning of environments needed by developers to do their job. Rafay’s Environment Manager accelerates this process by providing developer self-service capabilities through one-click environment provisioning workflows while delivering governance and control capabilities that platform teams need

Automate Environment Provisioning Just Like You Do for Kubernetes

Environment Manager enhances the developer experience by reducing the complexity and time inherent in provisioning public and private cloud environments for development teams. Alongside Rafay’s best-in-class Kubernetes Operations Platform, Environment Manager addresses a critical gap enterprises face in automating the provisioning and lifecycle management of the multitude of services (cloud accounts, databases, DNS entries, S3 buckets, etc.) that need to also be procured for developers to seamlessly go from code to cloud in one fell swoop.

Ensure developers never have to worry about the complexities of environment provisioning

Curate and standardize environment configurations with reusable templates

Leverage one platform for automating both the environment and Kubernetes clusters operating within each environment

Use your favorite Git repository as the source of truth to manage environments across public and public cloud environments

Self-Service, Full-Stack Templates Without the Infrastructure Complexity

Developer teams can provision full-stack environments with a single click (or pull request) via environment template that live in Git. Enviornment templates are defined, vetted and maintained by platform teams. All automation is Terraform-based, which platform teams love. Developers get to choose between Backstage, Terraform or Git to drive their workflows.


Best-in-class Dependency Management and Automation for Complex Kubernetes Applications

Description: Environment Manager takes care of the heavy lifting of deploying and managing the interdependencies between services and resources for complex Kubernetes applications. Whether you need an S3 bucket up and running for a particular containerized application to function or you need 20 different services spun up in a particular order, Environment Manager does that for you.


Built-In Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy and Governance For Platform Teams

Integrated with Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform, Environment Manager enables platform teams to confidently onboard development environments onto shared clusters with the flexibility to define Kubernetes RBAC, governance policies, isolation, and cost management for multiple development teams.