Private Cloud Suite

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Leverage turnkey Kubernetes lifecycle management for data centers and the edge, using our easy-to-use, fully CNCF compliant K8s distro.

What is the Private Cloud Suite?

Ops teams spend too much time managing Kubernetes services across datacenters, remote, or edge deployments. Rafay’s product suite for Private Cloud builds on our Standardization suite with turnkey management of Kubernetes resources hosted in private and remote clouds (including bare metal, VMware vSphere, local VMs, and support for their networking and storage needs). 

Rafay brings the public cloud experience to private, remote, or edge cloud environments, offering seamless management that ensures compliance and reliability.

Build your Kubernetes platform on a standards-based distribution

Rafay’s MKS, a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution, enables users to deploy applications confidently across any operating system, strengthening its value proposition and establishing a trusted environment for running containerized workloads in a private cloud.

Simplify cloud compute across datacenter, remote, or edge locations

By abstracting underlying infrastructure complexities and providing default storage options for stateful applications, Rafay extends a seamless cloud management experience across remote locations just as easily as a local datacenter.

Support any Kubernetes operating environment

Rafay supports Kubernetes on a wide variety of operating systems and accommodates clusters of any size, including edge deployments with tiny clusters. This empowers businesses to deploy Kubernetes across various environments effortlessly.

Secure unified Kubectl access across clusters

Rafay implements zero-trust security to streamline and consolidate kubectl access for debug across remote clusters. By leveraging SSO and RBAC, Rafay eliminates the burden of managing Kubernetes RBAC individually, ensuring secure, compliant, and immediate access across any cluster.

Streamline lifecycle management with fleet-wide workflow automation

Rafay streamlines operations across cluster fleets, like in-place upgrades, scaling and policy updates, with automated workflows, saving time and effort. With blueprints, integrated validation, and zero-trust debugging, specialist knowledge isn’t needed for common operations across clouds.

Automate cluster upgrades to reduce downtime and risk

Rafay enables seamless in-place cluster upgrades as well as fully automated blue/green upgrades to skip versions, reducing downtime and operational complexity. By ensuring minimal disruption during upgrades, Rafay allows businesses to maintain currency and high availability.

Leverage any Infrastructure as Code (IaC) framework

Rafay integrates with Terraform, Crossplane, Github Actions, and a variety of other automation frameworks, provides native GitOps capabilities, and exposes a rich API that allows you to tie Rafay into any CMDB. Use Terraform to standardize environment and cluster configurations, while developers and data scientists can request infrastructure using pull requests, pressing a button in a portal, or submitting a ticket.

Automate and synchronize live infrastructure changes with Git

Rafay syncs IaC configurations in Git repositories with deployed clusters, and writes live changes back to Git for operations consistency and compliance enforcement. This guarantees that all infrastructure consistently operates on the latest approved configurations.

What do platform teams get with the Private Cloud Suite?

Rafay provides a central location to monitor, execute, and manage lifecycle management operations for Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments, no matter where they run. Combined with our Standardization suite, this delivers a fully end-to-end solution for self-service delivery and automatic management of cloud infrastructure, providing a public cloud experience to developers consuming private cloud resources, or operations teams managing remote deployments.

Eliminate Cost and Complexity

Existing private cloud management platforms are expensive and slow to innovate. Our solution abstracts underlying hardware complexities and provides a reliable, future-proof platform for deploying containerized workloads.

Close Skill Gaps

Maintaining platforms, scripts, access controls, or extensive IaC configs costs time, and the skills needed to do so are difficult to acquire. Automation eliminates process effort and errors, while reducing skills dependencies.

Reduce Cloud Risk

Configurations across clouds can vary, leading to inconsistent security policy, version control issues, compliance escapes, and audit exposure. Two-way GitOps integrations ensure synchronized configurations across all clouds, preventing audit failures.

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