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What is the Public Cloud Suite?

Operations teams currently spend too much time managing clouds and associated services. Rafay’s product suite for Public Cloud builds on our Standardization suite by allowing a single central team to manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes and cloud resources hosted in public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more).

This enables end-to-end lifecycle management automations that eliminate the need for specialized teams.

Efficiently manage cloud Kubernetes without compromise

Rafay provides full support for cloud-managed Kubernetes services like EKS, AKS, GKE and OKE, ensuring no feature abstraction. It offers comprehensive support for every managed Kubernetes feature, centralizes cloud credential management, standardizes access, and ensures timely delivery of the latest Kubernetes versions and addons.

Centralize cloud credentials for standardized access

Rafay centralizes cloud credential management, enabling platform teams to oversee credentials rather than placing the burden on individual teams. Standardized enterprise credentials grant users access to clusters across any operating environment (e.g. across AKS and EKS).

Leverage any Infrastructure as Code (IaC) framework

Rafay integrates with Terraform, Crossplane, Github Actions, and a variety of other automation frameworks, provides native GitOps capabilities, and exposes a rich API that allows you to tie Rafay into any CMDB. Use Terraform to standardize environment and cluster configurations, while developers and data scientists can request infrastructure using pull requests, pressing a button in a portal, or submitting a ticket.

Automate and synchronize live infrastructure changes with Git

Rafay syncs IaC configurations in Git repositories with deployed clusters, and writes live changes back to Git for operations consistency and compliance enforcement. This guarantees that all infrastructure consistently operates on the latest approved configurations.

Streamline lifecycle management with fleet-wide workflow automation

Rafay streamlines operations across cluster fleets, like in-place upgrades, scaling and policy updates, with automated workflows, saving time and effort. With blueprints, integrated validation, and zero-trust debugging, specialist knowledge isn’t needed for common operations across clouds.

What do platform teams get with the Public Cloud Suite?

Rafay provides a central location to monitor, execute, and manage lifecycle management operations for Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments, across all public clouds and accounts. Combined with our Standardization suite, this delivers a fully end-to-end solution for lifecycle management of an organization’s entire cloud infrastructure.

Unify Lifecycle Ops

Cloud localized processes for provisioning, maintenance, upgrade, and other lifecycle functions waste time and lead to human error. Our single pane of glass provides centralized visibility and automation for lifecycle management.

Close Skill Gaps

Maintaining platforms, scripts, access controls, or extensive IaC configs costs time, and the skills needed to do so are difficult to acquire. Automation eliminates process effort and errors, while reducing skills dependencies.

Reduce Cloud Risk

Configurations across clouds can vary, leading to inconsistent security policy, version control issues, compliance escapes, and audit exposure. Two-way GitOps integrations ensure synchronized configurations across all clouds, preventing audit failures.

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