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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), announced Rafay Systems has joined the Foundation.


Rafay Systems is making its SaaS-based Containerized App Lifecycle Management platform generally available to the public later this month. Since January 2018, the Rafay team has been working diligently to build out its platform feature set. During this time, the startup has signed up a few paying customers including a major telecom operator and several enterprise customers.

Container Journal

At the DockerCon 2019 conference, Rafay Systems promised to make available implementations of several Kubernetes controllers, operators and custom resource descriptors (CRDs) as open source code.


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Bizety is a leading source of news and analysis on Content Delivery Network Infrastructure. We are honored they covered Rafay Systems in a recent article “Cool Startup – Rafay Systems Introduces CDN for Microservices“.