Rafay Systems is making its SaaS-based Containerized App Lifecycle Management platform generally available to the public later this month. Since January 2018, the Rafay team has been working diligently to build out its platform feature set. During this time, the startup has signed up a few paying customers including a major telecom operator and several enterprise customers.

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At the DockerCon 2019 conference, Rafay Systems promised to make available implementations of several Kubernetes controllers, operators and custom resource descriptors (CRDs) as open source code.


For online gamers, the most agonizing experience is not when they face certain annihilation by their fiercest opponent. Nope, not even close. It turns out the most terrifying moment for an online gamer is when online play slows down, lags or abruptly stops.

Bizety is a leading source of news and analysis on Content Delivery Network Infrastructure. We are honored they covered Rafay Systems in a recent article “Cool Startup – Rafay Systems Introduces CDN for Microservices“.

Creating a network of edges is a much harder problem than it appears. I know because I talk with enterprise and service providers every day about this challenge.

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Edge computing offers multiple benefits in an IoT environment, but one thing you don’t want to be on the edge about is edge computing security.


When you see or hear the word “serverless,” which of the following comes to mind: AWS [email protected] Cloudflare Workers Physical servers whimsically flying out of a data center

There is a growing body of myths and inflated expectations swirling around the edge and its place in the computing ecosystem. 

As latency bounds go down, the number of locations goes up. But how many edges will it take to cover the planet … with a low-latency network?

As you add new IT professionals to your business, you need to remember to find ways to keep them engaged and committed. This is especially true when it comes to young professionals who can quickly prove themselves valuable, as retaining them can be challenging.