Kubernetes as a Service

The First Multi-Tenant Solution for Service Providers

Streamline internal Kubernetes operations and create new business opportunities by offering managed Kubernetes to your customers

Scalability & Fleet Management

The Rafay platform has been built from day 1 to allow service providers to managed hundreds of customers and allow their customers to create, deploy, operate, monitor, upgrade, and manage thousands of clusters.

True Multi-Tenancy & White Labeling

Rafay gives your team global visibility & administrative capability across your customers’ cluster fleets, while allowing each of your customers to view, manage, and administer their respective clusters. Rafay makes it easy for you to extend your brand with built-in white-labeling.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Rafay has been designed to address service provider security. Rafay only requires outbound access to the Controller via HTTPS so there’s no need to poke holes in firewalls for inbound access, nor is there any need for SSH. Zero-Trust Kubectl Access governs Kubectl with RBAC, which is tied to enterprise identity (SSO) systems, and all activity by each end-user or system is logged.

Deep Distro Interoperability

Don’t get locked into a single Kubernetes distro across clouds. Freely use GKE in GCP, AKS in Azure, and EKS in AWS. Avoid vendor lock-in and preserve your company’s ability to deploy, manage & move containerized workloads between cloud, data center, and the edge.

SaaS-First Approach

Empower your customers to be up and running in minutes with Kubernetes clusters anywhere and realize all the benefits Kubernetes has to offer, which delivering the lowest TCO through built-in capabilities such as one-click scaling, automatic Kubernetes updates and multi-cluster application deployment

World-class Services & Support

When blogs and community resources aren’t enough, partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts to jump-start & customize your Kubernetes journey.

Leverage Kubernetes to Streamline & Sell Modern Application Services

Rafay delivers a production-ready Kubernetes solution in minutes and streamlines ongoing operations as you scale to support more customers

Single Pane of Glass

Manage your entire cluster fleet from a single pane of glass. Provision new customer environments and support customers with Kubernetes cluster and application deployment requirements across data centers, public clouds and the edge

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Your customers can quickly and easily provision Kubernetes clusters in service provider environments, on premises or in the cloud. Cluster updates and upgrades are seamless with no downtime

MFA, SSO & Role-based Access Control

Rafay supports MFA and easily integrates with enterprise-class SSO solutions such as Okta, Ping One and AzureAD. Empower your customers to leverage their enterprise identity systems for access to Kubernetes clusters

Zero-Trust Kubectl Access

Your customers can stop shadow administration of Kubernetes clusters by enforcing SSO-based, zero-trust kubectl access to Kubernetes clusters. All access is audited and RBAC-enforced to meet enterprise security needs

Standardize Clusters & Workflows

Your customers can easily create cluster blueprints and apply them across clusters to standardize Kubernetes configuration everywhere

Logs & Metrics Collection

Rafay provides turnkey integrations with Fluentd, Splunk, Datadog, Prometheus and many other platforms for detailed cluster resource visibility and monitoring at the service provider and customer level

“Less than 1” TCO

Rafay is up and running in less than 1 day and requires less than 1 full-time resource to operate & manage all clusters on an ongoing basis

CNCF-Certified Service Provider

Rafay’s managed Kubernetes offering is certified by the CNCF, ensuring compatibility with your containerized applications designed for Kubernetes deployment

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Enterprise Kubernetes Management Requirements

Learn how to best deploy and manage clusters in a multi-cluster world

"The Rafay MKP helped us manage our global fleet of clusters easily and efficiently allowed us to accelerate our Kubernetes journey."

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"Rafay gives me the ability to manage my globally distributed clusters in one place."

Alec Rooney


"With Rafay’s MKP, we have complete peace of mind that our K8s clusters are operating efficiently and securely."

Mike Kail


Fleet-Wide Visibility & Multi-Tenancy

Rafay’s KaaS gives your team fleet-wide visibility and administrative capabilities across all subtenants, as well as the option to white-label the solution. With Rafay’s multi-cluster multi-tenant model, each customer can easily view, manage and administer their clusters via a single pane of glass, and can leverage their enterprise identity (SSO) systems to control access. This hard isolation model makes Rafay the best option in the market for service providers looking to launch KaaS offerings.

Kubernetes Ecosystem Integrations


The Rafay Managed Kubernetes Platform includes turnkey (read: no code) integrations with dozens of technologies across the Kubentes ecosystem to fit within your existing workflows. Immediately connect to the most popular single sign-on (SSO), CI/CD, secrets management, monitoring solutions and more.

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