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Programmable Edge™

Introducing the

The Programmable Edge is the technology powering Rafay’s CDN for Microservices, enabling developers to deploy latency-sensitive containerized microservices close to users and endpoints. Delivered as a consumption-based service at the infrastructure edge, the Programmable Edge empowers disruptive performance improvements for applications by:

— Automatically running and scaling containerized microservices closer to users and endpoints

— Managing application traffic globally to ensure low application response times

— Making dynamic, policy-driven decisions for application placement across Rafay’s global network of edges

— Helping application owners achieve regional or global scale without having to build and operate a complex platform that spans multiple provider networks.

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Distributed Container Platform

Every Programmable Edge consists of a hyperconverged cluster that extends the platform’s application footprint close to user populations.

The Programmable Edge leverages Kubernetes to orchestrate containers locally. Each edge is self-hosted and relies on a central “scheduler of schedulers” to make global decisions as to which containers run in which edge. A given container may run in a subset of edges across Rafay’s network. Developers can write containerized applications without having to manage or operate multiple container clusters across geographies.

Global Traffic Management

Latency-sensitive, interactive applications perform best when users are served dynamic content as fast as possible. This is best accomplished by ensuring the application — specifically the relevant containerized microservice(s) —  is being executed close enough to end users to deliver an optimal experience. To accomplish this, a user request must be guaranteed to be received by a nearby edge that is running the relevant containerized microservice and has the capacity to process additional user requests.

Any containerized microservice deployed on the Rafay Programmable Edge platform can be addressed globally using a single hostname. The platform automates all traffic management and steering decisions on behalf of application owners.

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Intent-based Workload Placement

Knowing where to run applications to ensure optimal end user experiences is challenging and requires operations teams to implement complicated processes and cobble together multiple technologies. The Programmable Edge platform automates the entire process by understanding the application owners’ intent and translating that into dynamic decisions as to where containers should be placed.

Whether applications should run in specific regions of the world, or just operate within a certain network distance from end users, developers need only express their intent to the platform for unmatched end user experiences everywhere.

Data Distribution and Synchronization

Applications running across a number of edges require reliable, multi-purpose pipelines to distribute data in a timely fashion. Whether it be configuration data, user profile information, or messages that need to be sent to, or received from, edge locations, the Programmable Edge platform provides easy-to-use APIs to distribute data in a consistent fashion. Developers can choose from a number of synchronization models, depending on the application’s needs.

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DevOps Team

Global Footprint

A key Programmable Edge platform capability is that its footprint can be deployed in any environment with available hyperconverged nodes in minutes.

Application owners can leverage Rafay’s global footprint to achieve regional or global network scale within minutes, while guaranteeing low-latency performance for low-latency interactive and dynamic applications.

Organizations can optionally deploy Programmable Edges in their existing public or private cloud environments, in addition to leveraging the Rafay network.

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