Rafay Powers the Programmable Edge™

Edge Computing is a breakthrough concept driving a new class of latency-sensitive applications and delivering a high level of interactivity and personalization for end users. But for the Edge to be truly useful, it has to be easy to consume by developers – the Edge needs to be Programmable.

Rafay’s platform is the world’s first implementation of a developer-friendly Programmable Edge™. The platform simplifies the deployment, orchestration and ongoing operations of latency-sensitive, containerized microservices closer to end users and endpoints – i.e. at the Edge.

Rafay can be deployed across telecommunications and service providers networks, Internet-exchange points, colocation and data center environments, and public clouds. Rafay’s platform is the fastest path for telcos and SPs to deliver Programmable Edge offerings to developers, driving net-new revenue streams.

Rafay’s platform is built around a number of foundational elements that collectively provide the ideal abstraction layer capable of spanning disparate Edge infrastructure within and across provider networks. Rafay’s platform makes it easy for developers to:

— Automate operations of self-hosted container clusters across any number of regions in any number of public/private cloud, hosting or service provider environments.

— Scale clusters within a region or across a global footprint based on intent-based performance policies or geographical requirements.

— Manage a global, cross-cloud footprint through a single pane of glass while leveraging built-in pipelines to collect application logs & metrics, along with system and application health.

— Leverage built-in pipelines to distribute container images, application configuration & state, crypto artifacts, and a variety of other data sets needed by the app for ongoing operations.

Telecommunications companies (telcos) and service providers (SPs) have an incredible opportunity to monetize existing and future compute and network investments, such as their central offices and multi-access edge computing (MEC) nodes. Telcos and SPs can leverage Rafay’s platform to deliver a programmable Edge platform-as-a-service (Paas) spanning a heterogeneous mix of compute environments.

Rafay Dashboard