With Rafay, you
don’t h8 k8s.
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We know the Kubernetes community is a close one, and together with our rockstar customers we think there are more teams out there that need a helping hand to streamline their k8s operations.

Refer someone who you believe could use some enterprise-grade controls on their Kubernetes operations, and we will happily thank you with one of the following (you choose!):

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“We are able to deliver new, innovative products and services to the global market faster and manage them cost-effectively with Rafay.”

Joe Vaughan

Chief Technology Officer

"Rafay’s thought leadership and white glove support has been fantastic."

Kumud Kalia


"Choose packaged software distributions or cloud-managed services for production deployments that integrate different technology components, simplify life cycle management of that stack and provide multi-cloud management rather than a DIY approach."

Arun Chandrasekaran

CTO’s Guide

"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business