Getting started with Paralus: an all-in-one open source Kubernetes access management tool

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Access management in Kubernetes is a pain. With different services, people, and teams all requiring various combinations of access levels and policies across clusters, namespaces, and pods, it’s easy to get lost!

Through this video, you’ll learn how you can streamline access management using Paralus, a free, open source tool that enables controlled, audited access for developers & SREs to Kubernetes infrastructure. We will cover:

  • How to leverage Paralus on your clusters
  • Walk through installation, importing clusters, creating different roles and policies
  • Setting up users and user groups, and working with logs.
  • How to integrate Paralus with OIDC providers such as GitHub.


Atulpriya Sharma

Atulpriya Sharma

Developer Advocate Infracloud Technologies

Elena Lape

Elena Lape

Full-stack software engineer Rafay

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