Amazon EKS-A Operations

Streamline Amazon EKS-A Operations With Rafay KOP

Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP) delivers the easiest and most recommended way for enterprises to build, manage and operate EKS-A on-premises in their datacenters. Rafay delivers the zero trust access, cloud-based remote management, automation, security, upgrades and governance that platform teams have come to expect from enterprise software.

Rafay’s Platform is a Complete Solution for EKS-A Operations

Rafay builds on the AWS provided tools (eksctl CLI for EKS-A) with multiple value added services for a zero trust end to end lifecycle management of EKS-A clusters.

Cloud based, remote provisioning of EKS-A clusters in remote data centers

Zero trust lifecycle management including provisioning, scaling, and upgrades

Intuitive self service graphical UI and CLI for lifecycle automation

Rafay Adds Critical Services to Amazon EKS-A to Streamline Operations

Multi-Cluster Management

Enables the lifecycle management and blueprinting support for Amazon EKS/EKS-A. This service also incorporates logs/metrics collection, storage management, secrets management, and more.

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GitOps for Kubernetes

Enables AWS infrastructure orchestration and application deployment through multi-stage, git-triggered pipelines.

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Visibility & Monitoring

Enables development, operations and security/governance teams to globally visualize and monitor modern apps and underlying EKS/EKS-A infrastructure through dedicated dashboards.

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Zero-Trust Access

Enables controlled, audited access for developers, SREs and automation systems to Kubernetes infrastructure, with just-in-time service account creation and user-level credentials management, including using AWS IAM.

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Blueprints & Drift Detection

Standardize cluster configurations and software add-ons across environments and clouds to achieve compliance

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Kubernetes Policy Management

Enable policy management for clusters via the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework for Kubernetes security and governance.

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Network Policy Manager

Enforces isolation boundaries and reduces the lateral attack surface with network flow visualization.

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Backup & Restore

Enables disaster recovery and migration of the Kubernetes control plane and application data to Amazon S3.

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Environment Manager

1 in 4 enterprises take three months or longer to deploy a modern application due to challenges with provisioning environments. Environment Manager automates environment provisioning and accelerates app deployment.

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Amazon EKS-A Cluster Lifecycle Management with Rafay

Cloud-Based Zero Trust remote management of EKS-A Clusters

Kubernetes Operations Features for Amazon EKS-Anywhere

Rafay’s Amazon EKS-A integration means you have one console to manage the operations of all your Amazon EKS-A clusters and applications without having to install software or set up an AWS Kubernetes dashboard.

Native GitOps Pipelines

Drive standardized EKS cluster and application deployments and updates using Git as the source of truth, including write-back to Git using 2-way System Sync

Standardize with Cluster Blueprints & Templates

Guarantee that EKS-A clusters are always born with the organization's approved cluster blueprint

Load Balancer and Ingress

Use Rafay’s built in Load Balancer (based on MetaLB) and Ingress Controller (based on NGINX Ingress)

Secure Zero-Trust Access

One-time setup of a Gateway inside your datacenter establishes a secure, outbound connection to the Rafay Controller (zero trust), while keeping EKS-A control planes private

SSO & Role-based Access Control

The Rafay Controller makes sure that only users with appropriate privileges can provision and manage EKSA clusters

Integrate & Automate

Comprehensive automation can be quickly developed by using either our UI, command line interface (RCTL) utility, Terraform or REST APIs

OS Support

Support for both Ubuntu and AWS’s Bottlerocket OS for master and worker nodes

Managed Storage

Use Rafay’s managed storage (based on CNCF’s Ceph/Rook) to configure, deploy and operate block, file and object storage on EKSA clusters

Centralized Logging & Monitoring

Rafay provides built-in, detailed audit trails for administrative activities across all EKS-A clusters as well as intuitive, integrated monitoring, visualization and alerts

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Simplifying Amazon EKS Deployments & Operations

Learn how to accelerate Kubernetes & streamline Amazon EKS

"Easily operate and rapidly deploy applications anywhere across multi-cloud and edge environments."

Aamir Hussain

SVP Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business

"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business

"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Operations & deep DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase development velocity."

Alec Rooney


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