Kubernetes Management for Enterprises

Enterprise-grade K8s with expert services & support

Unlike other solutions that take months to deploy, require too many resources to maintain or break down when pushed to enterprise levels, Rafay’s enterprise-grade Kubernetes management is running in minutes, not months allowing companies to manage and standardize Kubernetes clusters & workflows across their infrastructure at any scale. As a result, Rafay helps IT Ops and DevOps teams deploy Kubernetes faster, reduce security & operational risk, and control the cost of managing Kubernetes.

With Rafay, you can:

Accelerate your time to Kubernetes

Are you struggling to get your Kubernetes infrastructure operational? Rafay is running in minutes, not months

Level-up your Kubernetes

First-gen and DIY solutions are a good training ground but fall short when scaling to enterprise demands. Rafay was built with scalability, security, and enterprise interoperability from day 1

Reduce Risk with Standardization And Compliance

Having trouble standarding clusters and workflows and auditing all operations after the fact? Not anymore with Rafay’s MKP

Fill Your Kubernetes Skills Gap

Finding Kubernetes experts is incredibly difficult, until now. Partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified experts to assist every step of the way

Lower your Kubernetes TCO

Leverage the cloud and the easy of use of Rafay’s MPK to dramatically lower the cost of Kubenetes operations

Key Features for Enterprises

SaaS-First Approach

Be up & running with Kubernetes in 15 minutes and leverage all the benefits the cloud has to offer including instant scalability, automatic updates and the lowest TCO for Kubernetes management

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Deploy, manage, and upgrade all of your Kubernetes clusters from a single console across all of your on-premise, cloud, and edge environments.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Rafay requiries outbound-only access to the Controller via HTTPS so there’s no need to poke holes in firewalls or require SSH access. Zero-Trust Kubectl Access governs kubectl with RBAC and logging of all actions by user account.

Scalability & Fleet Management

Create, deploy, operate, monitor, upgrade and retire 1 or 1,000+ clusters just as easily across any number of multiple, heterogeneous regions, clouds and environments

Standardize Clusters & Workflows

Create cluster blueprints to standardize Kubernetes clusters and workflows across your entire infrastructure

Deep Distro Interoperability

Connect to Google GKE, Azure AKS and leverage the deepest Amazon EKS integration on the market and avoid vendor lock-in

Enterprise Integrations

Rafay includes integration with Okta, AzureAD, Jenkins, Hashicorp Terraform & Vault, Datadog and many others with just a few clicks

Centralized Logging and Monitoring

Rafay provides turnkey integration with Fluentd, DataDog and Prometheus for centralized and detailed cluster resource visibility and monitoring.

World-class Services & Support

When blogs and community resources aren’t enough, partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts [link to services page] to jump-start & customize your Kubernetes journey.

Looking to Streamline Kubernetes?

Learn more about the Managed Kubernetes Platform (MKP)

"Rafay’s support is excellent. Whenever we had an issue with Rafay’s platform or a question about Kubernetes, Rafay has been super responsive."

Alec Rooney


"The Rafay MKP helped us manage our global fleet of clusters easily and efficiently allowed us to accelerate our Kubernetes journey."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"With Rafay’s MKP, we have complete peace of mind that our K8s clusters are operating efficiently and securely."

Mike Kail


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