IT & DevOps Automation

Focus on the apps, not on K8s infrastructure

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for managing modern applications. But yesterday’s few clusters in a lab are now becoming 10s of production, dev and test clusters – across clouds, on-prem & at the edge. That requires a very different solution. Rafay was built from day 1 with scalability, security, and interoperability in mind. And our deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts can help you succeed every step of the way.

With Rafay, you can:

Accelerate Your Time-to-Kubernetes

Is your internal Kubernetes project taking too long to be operational? With Rafay you’ll be up and running within minutes.

Manage 1 or 100 Clusters with Ease

First-gen and DIY solutions don’t scale, technically or operationally. With Rafay you can easily handle 1 or 100 clusters

Standardize & Secure Kubernetes

Easily standardize your clusters, secure access and ensure your Kubernetes operations are compliant to internal and industry regulations and audit requirements

Fill your Kubernetes Skills Gap

Partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts to jump-start your Kubernetes journey, or scale existing operations

Key Features for IT & DevOps Automation

Rafay delivers a production-ready Kubernetes solution in minutes and streamlines ongoing operations as you scale

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Deploy, manage, and upgrade all of your Kubernetes clusters from a single console across all of your on-premise, bare metal, cloud, and edge environments.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Users can quickly provision and bring-up upstream Kubernetes across any number of clusters. Cluster updates and upgrades are seamless with no downtime.

MFA, SSO & Role-based Access Control

Rafay supports MFA and easily integrates with enterprise-class SSO solutions such as Okta, Ping One and AzureAD

Zero-Trust Kubectl Access

Stop rogue Kubernetes admins and comply with regulatory and governance requirements with RBAC to kubectl and full logging of all actions by user account

Standardize Clusters & Workflows

Create cluster blueprints to standardize Kubernetes clusters and workflows across your entire infrastructure

Integrate & Automate

Comprehensive automation can be quickly developed by using either our Command Line Interface (RCTL) utility or REST APIs

Centralized Logging & Monitoring

Rafay provides turnkey integration with Fluentd, Datadog & Prometheus for detailed cluster resource visibility and monitoring

Download the K8s Checklist

Best Practices Checklist for Getting Started with Kubernetes

Fast-track Your Kubernetes deployments with this expert checklist

"Easily operate and rapidly deploy applications anywhere across multi-cloud and edge environments."

Aamir Hussain

SVP Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business

"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Operations & deep DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase development velocity."

Alec Rooney


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