Kubernetes for Hybrid Clouds

Easily manage K8s in hybrid & multi-cloud infrastructures

Hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments are quickly becoming a key enterprise requirement. The Rafay Managed Kubernetes Platform (MKP) works across all clouds and data center environments, allowing you to easily operate workloads in private and public clouds as needed. And Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts can help you succeed no matter where your applications and clusters reside.

With Rafay, you can:

Speed Up Cloud Adoption

Realize the benefits of hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments faster with Rafay’s SaaS-first approach to Kubernetes operations, which guarantees the fastest Kubernetes cluster provisioning and configuration framework in the market

Single Pane of Glass Management

Manage your entire cluster fleet from a single pane of glass. Leverage a single, consistent console to deploy, view and manage clusters and workloads across all your clusters, deployed on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge

Deployment Repeatability

Easily standardize your clusters with an industry-first blueprinting capability, while centrally securing access to clusters to ensure all operations comply with internal and industry regulations across all clouds and data centers

Address your Kubernetes Skills Gap

Partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts to jump-start your hybrid- and multi-cloud Kubernetes journey

Key Features for Managing Kubernetes in Hybrid Clouds

Rafay delivers a production-ready Kubernetes solution in minutes and streamlines ongoing operations as you scale

Centralized Multi-Cluster Management

Deploy, manage, and upgrade all of your Kubernetes clusters from a single console across data center, cloud and edge environments

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Users can quickly and easily provision Kubernetes clusters across data center, cloud and edge environments. Cluster updates and upgrades are seamless with no downtime

MFA, SSO & Role-Based Access Control

The MKP easily integrates with enterprise-class SSO solutions such as Okta, Ping One and AzureAD

Zero-Trust Kubectl Access

Empower operations and development teams to easily access clusters via kubectl while complying with regulatory and governance requirements -- enforced via easy RBAC configuration. All access is audited, and DOES NOT require inbound firewall rules

Standardize Clusters & Workflows

Create and easily apply cluster blueprints across the entire clusters fleet so it’s easy to standardize Kubernetes clusters deployed across clouds, data centers and the edge

Centralized Logging & Monitoring

Rafay provides turnkey integration with Fluentd, Prometheus, Splunk, Datadog and a number of other logging/metrics platforms for detailed cluster resource visibility and monitoring

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Enterprise Kubernetes Management Requirements

Learn how to best deploy and manage clusters in a multi-cluster world

"With Rafay’s MKP, we have complete peace of mind that our K8s clusters are operating efficiently and securely."

Mike Kail


"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"Rafay gives me the ability to manage my globally distributed clusters in one place."

Alec Rooney