Yes, Edge computing is a massive opportunity by any measure ($6.7B by 2022 according to this Markets & Markets report), but maybe we need to think bigger. Read more

The multi-cloud concept continues to come up in our conversations with forward-thinking industry professionals. But here’s a critical question that the industry still needs consensus on: With many companies choosing to run application stacks across public cloud environments that are potentially spread geographically, what is the right Internet-facing entry point into your application?

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When I described the Programmable Edge concept to my father, a career scientist with deep research and teaching experience, he said, “Light can circle the Earth 7 times in a second, how much difference does even a thousand miles really make?” It’s a great question. Read more

The Edge is important because certain workloads are best run closer to endpoints, i.e. at the Edge. Whether it be to improve the end user experience by executing logic closer to end users, or to compensate for application delays, or to address country specific storage and processing regulations, the Edge is a new force to be reckoned with. Read more

The Edge is NOT killing the Cloud. Edge computing is the next phase in the evolution of cloud-native applications and will mature to become a critical building block for all applications delivered over the Internet. Read more