Lifecycle Management for Containerized Applications.

Rafay enables lifecycle management for containerized applications. DevOps can simply automate the distribution, scaling and operations of applications management. In addition, apps can be deployed across public and private clouds, and service provider networks with a single click.

Our SaaS-based service deploys containerized apps anywhere, ensuring reliability, availability, and performance through a developer-friendly interface.

The Platform

Rafay makes it easy for DevOps to:

— Automate the operations of self-hosted container clusters across any number of regions in any number of public/private cloud, hosting or service provider environments.

— Scale clusters within a region, or across a global footprint, based on intent-based performance policies or geographical requirements.

— Manage a global, cross-cloud footprint through a single pane of glass. In addition, leverage built-in pipelines to collect application logs and metrics, and system and application health data.

— Use built-in pipelines to distribute container images, application configuration and state and crypto artifacts.