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Cathy Grim Joins Rafay as Customer Success Executive

We are excited to announce that Cathy Grim has joined Rafay Systems as our new Vice President of Customer Success! As I’m sure existing customers leveraging Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform will attest, Team Rafay is truly a customer-centric organization. It’s quite common for myself, our SVP of Engineering, and our team leads to join customer calls to help triage issues in the field, and the team has gone above and beyond to make our customers successful. With customer success being a key tenet of the company’s overall offering, identifying and recruiting a Customer Success leader who is equally – if not more – fanatical about making customers successful and happy was a tall order.

Beyond the vast experience Cathy brings to the table, including building Cylance’s customer success and support organizations from scratch, Cathy proved to all of us that she works for her customers first, and the company second. With Cathy on board as Rafay’s Customer Success and Technical Support leader, our customers will be able to speed up their app modernization journeys even further.

Some of Cathy’s previous major accomplishments include:

  • Leading Customer Success and Support at Cylance where she scaled her team to take the company from zero to more than 4,500 customers in six years.
  • Created scalable and repeatable onboarding processes which both shortened the sales cycle while also ensuring the quickest time-to-value for their customers.
  • One of her impressive key performance indicators was her team’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores – which were consistently above 97 percent. Her team’s renewal rates were greater than 95 percent.
  • Helping lead the Customer Support and Success integration efforts post-sale of Cylance when it was acquired by Blackberry in 2019.
  • Since that time, she has provided consulting to other startups who were building their customer bases and just starting their Customer Success programs.

I couldn’t be happier with Cathy choosing to come work with us here at Rafay. I am convinced that Cathy’s passion in striving for heightened customer satisfaction is going to be a key factor in ensuring our company’s ongoing success.


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