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Rafay Systems and Edgegap Arbitrium Improve Performance for Gamers

Joint Solution to be Demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

For online gamers, the most agonizing experience is not when they face certain annihilation by their fiercest opponent. Nope, not even close. It turns out the most terrifying moment for an online gamer is when online play slows down, lags or abruptly stops.

Fast performance is a top priority for gamers, according to a global survey conducted by Limelight Networks. In their State of Online Gaming Report 2018, survey respondents reported that games that load and play quickly are the highest consideration.

To address this challenge, two innovative companies have joined forces to vastly improve the online gaming experience. Edgegap ( and Rafay Systems ( will be demonstrating this breakthrough capability at Mobile World Congress 2019, February 25 – 28 in Barcelona.

Edgegap’s Arbitrium allows gaming studios to automate the decision-making process and deployment of their gaming servers throughout hundreds of data centers. Edgegap receives requests from gaming studios matchmakers and determines the best server locations within Rafay’s Container Delivery Network based on the end users’ location. The result is gaming applications running closer to their players. Players will enjoy vastly improved online experiences compared to using the public cloud. In addition, cost savings are realized by only running games when and where there is actual user demand.

About Rafay Systems

Rafay enables low-latency applications to achieve consistently high performance globally. Rafay’s platform is the world’s first implementation of a developer-friendly Programmable Edge™. Rafay enables developers to automate the distribution, operations, cross-region scaling and lifecycle management of containerized microservices across public and private clouds, and service provider networks. Rafay’s platform delivers an optimal abstraction layer across disparate infrastructure, making it easy for developers to scale and operate their apps across any number of locations. Rafay’s innovative, compute-forward feature set is delivered as a service. It includes a full suite of developer-friendly tools to help run containerized apps globally. To learn more, visit

About Edgegap

Edgegap is a software startup based in Montreal, Canada, which specializes in software development for edge and cloud computing. To find out more about Edgegap and Arbitrium, visit


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