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Inaugural State of The Edge” Report”

Edge computing is a tremendous new opportunity that has captured the industry’s imagination. The performance and security improvements possible at the infrastructure edge promise to fundamentally improve application performance. The edge will enable an entirely new set of experiences for end users accessing interactive applications over the Internet.

But it takes a village.

To ensure the right use cases and concepts are being propagated as widely as possible, Rafay Systems is proud to partner with Vapor IO, Packet, Ericsson UDN and Arm Holdings to evangelize the benefits of edge computing. Together, this partnership is also committing to publish an annual State Of The Edge report, the inaugural version of which was published this morning. This report addresses many of the questions that application developers, content providers, enterprises and others have about edge computing. The report also highlights a number of use cases that will benefit from the edge.

You can download the report and other info about the State Of The Edge project via the following URL:

A press release covering the launch of the report and comments from all partners is available hereVapor IO‘s blog covering the report is available here.

As always, if you have strong opinions one way or another on this report or the overall Rafay thesis, we would love to hear from you.



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