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SiliconAngle & Team Rafay Discuss all Things Edge Computing

by Haseeb Budhani
April 11, 2018

Stu Miniman with SiliconANGLE Media is one of the more vocal voices in the analyst community discussing Edge Computing use cases. Stu tends to bring a very pragmatic point of view to discussions and is an informed skeptic. Recently, Stu shared his… Read More

Image for How Much Does Network Latency Really Matter?

How Much Does Network Latency Really Matter?

by Haseeb Budhani
April 4, 2018

The blog was originally published on LinkedIn. Does lower network latency make a difference to performance? We absolutely think so! When I described the Programmable Edge concept to my father, a career scientist with deep research and teaching experience, he… Read More

Image for The Edge Is A Misnomer

The Edge Is A Misnomer

by Haseeb Budhani
March 6, 2018

The Edge is clearly a hot topic. And the massive number of responses to my previous blog asking whether the Edge is killing the Cloud is ample evidence of how many differing and passionate opinions exist out there. The Edge is important… Read More

Edge Computing is Not Killing the Cloud?

by Haseeb Budhani
February 14, 2018

Edge computing is the next phase in the evolution of cloud-native applications and will mature to become a critical building block for all applications delivered over the Internet Application owners and operations teams clearly recognize that some workloads are best… Read More

Image for The Programmable Edge: Faster and Easier

The Programmable Edge: Faster and Easier

by Sean Wilcox
February 5, 2018

At Rafay Systems we're defining the Programmable Edge. In our view, the Edge is as close as you, as an application owner, can get to your end users. Studies have demonstrated when web site speed improves the user experience browse-to-buy… Read More

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Is Your Application Cloud Native?

by Haseeb Budhani
January 22, 2018

Here’s my litmus test to determine whether an application is cloud native: It MUST be able to run entirely on spot instances in a public cloud environment. The application must be designed such that any one instance being shut down… Read More

Introducing The Programmable Edge

by Haseeb Budhani
November 23, 2017

The dynamics of the Internet are changing. Previously, data traveled primarily in one direction: to end users. Now, driven by smart(er) devices and improved access bandwidth, end users are generating content that needs to be processed quickly for a better end… Read More