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Provision and Manage Amazon EKS on AWS Outposts with Rafay

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS capabilities to a customer’s facility providing a truly consistent hybrid experience. AWS services run locally on AWS Outposts and can be accessed using familiar AWS APIs and tooling making it ideal for workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, or local data storage.

AWS Outposts are connected to the nearest AWS Region to provide management and control plane services with complete management, monitoring, and lifecycle management by AWS.

A typical organization will require a simple and intuitive solution to provision, operate and manage the lifecycle of a fleet of Amazon EKS clusters on both AWS Outposts as well as on AWS’s global infrastructure from a single console.

Use Rafay to Deploy Amazon EKS Clusters on AWS Outposts

Organizations can leverage Rafay to provision and operate EKS clusters on AWS Outposts. They can do this via both a self service wizard and in a declarative manner using a version controlled cluster specification that can be stored in a Git repository.

Once you have created your VPC and subnets for AWS Outposts, just provide this information in Rafay’s EKS cluster creation wizard to ensure it can provision your EKS Cluster and the worker nodes on your AWS Outposts infrastructure.

Once Rafay provisions the EKS cluster, you will notice that the Kubernetes master (API server) will be fully managed by AWS with the worker nodes operating on AWS Outposts in your datacenter.

Operations teams should be able to manage capacity and availability for the clusters and will therefore require the ability to seamlessly add/manage multiple EKS nodegroups and scale, drain and delete nodegroups with the click of a button.

Organizations need a way to organize their fleet of EKS Clusters into Projects ensuring they can provide isolation and multi-tenancy across business units, operating environments and teams.

To deliver on required SLAs, operations teams require deep visibility, monitoring and governance across their fleet of EKS clusters spanning the hybrid environment.

Developers and Operational users need seamless and secure access to EKS clusters running in the hybrid infrastructure in private subnets without public endpoints based on their membership in the organization’s Identity Provider such as Okta, Azure AD etc.

Finally, it is critical for organizations to be able to deploy and operate their containerized applications to a hybrid environment spanning multiple EKS clusters. They also require turnkey integrations for critical capabilities such as secrets management, log and metrics aggregation etc to accelerate their deployments.

Availability & Support

The solution is available now and supported through Rafay’s existing support channels. View Rafay’s documentation for Amazon EKS lifecycle management.


Accelerate your Adoption of EKS on AWS Outposts 

Rafay Systems’s Kubernetes Management Cloud automates cluster and application management at scale across all infrastructures: on-premises, public clouds, and edge networks. Rafay provides full lifecycle management of Amazon EKS clusters on both AWS Outposts and AWS’s global infrastructure.

Visit our website to learn more about Rafay’s Kubernetes Management Cloud and sign up for a free trial.



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