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Rafay and Amazon Accelerate SonicWall’s Adoption of Containers and Amazon EKS

Rafay and Amazon Accelerate SonicWall’s Adoption of Containers and Amazon EKS

When we first talked to Sonicwall, they were already in the process of embracing the cloud and modern application architectures for their products. In addition to standardizing on Docker as their container technology, they chose Amazon as their cloud partner of choice because of their reliability, global footprint, and a deep portfolio of additional managed technology services including but not limited to databases, security, Kubernetes management and logging.

To manage the number of growing applications (and all of the complex dependencies), and perhaps showing a level of maturity beyond their years, they also wanted a single pane of glass that could give them visibility and control of the applications no matter where they resided — whether they be on Amazon, on premises or at the edge.

That’s where Rafay came in.

Rafay Systems delivers a cloud-based Managed Kubernetes Service that helps companies like SonicWall manage clusters and application operations at scale. The solution is the only one in the market with native Amazon EKS integration so developers and IT users can easily bring up and manage the full lifecycle of EKS clusters across AWS Regions. And it includes a Kubernetes distro so that customers can also manage (and move) applications and clusters on premises or at the edge. This, in combination with a deep bench of certified Kubernetes experts ensures the success of each and every Kubernetes journey.

What were their key requirements for selecting Amazon and Rafay and what were their quantifiable results? You can learn that and more Amazon’s Container Blog:

No company is an island. And the success at SonicWall shows how a great technology partnership can make the difference. All of us at Rafay are looking forward to our combined future success.




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