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Rafay and D2iQ: Unifying Application and Infrastructure Management

Learn what’s possible with D2iQ and Rafay by combining container application lifecycle with Kubernetes cluster management.

Many D2iQ customers have asked us how they can leverage Rafay’s lifecycle management capabilities to simplify ongoing operations of their apps running in D2iQ-managed environments.

Rafay and D2iQ complement each other and collectively simplify ongoing DevOps and SRE efforts. Rafay’s SaaS offering is designed to work with  D2iQ’s cluster and Kubernetes management platform, with the combined solution delivering 1+1=3 type benefits to companies across many industries.

How D2iQ + Rafay work together

Rafay’s unique offering reduces the complexity companies face when deploying and operating applications in Kubernetes environments, resulting in faster time to market for new business capabilities. Rafay builds on top of native Kubernetes and Kubernetes managed services by delivering a number of differentiated capabilities, including:

  • Application Abstraction: Rafay’s prescriptive application framework makes it easy to define and manage lifecycle for containerized apps – from deployment to ongoing operations.
  • Cluster Blueprinting: Rafay’s Kubernetes cluster management and customization capabilities ensure reliable cluster operations and efficient bringup in any environment.
  • Multi-cluster Federation: Rafay’s container and metadata distribution capabilities make it easy to deploy and operate containerized applications across any number of Kubernetes clusters, spread across any number of regions or hybrid environments.
  • Enterprise Integrations: Rafay’s broad suite of one-click productivity features simplify the adoption of critical technologies, such as secrets management, runtime configuration updates, and log & metrics aggregation.

Rafay is the ideal platform for multi-region, multi-cloud, hybrid and edge/MEC adoption.

Rafay’s containerized app lifecycle management process typically kicks in once a Kubernetes cluster is up and running. It is applicable to the customizations DevOps and SRE teams make to Kubernetes clusters, and to the deployment of containerized apps that are being run across these clusters. Today, both cluster and application configurations are largely a manual, repetitive (and often painful) process. And, companies end up investing in building and maintaining internal scripts and tools, an increasingly complex task carried out internally by ever-growing teams.

D2iQ, on the other hand, delivers an industry-leading Kubenetes-as-a-Service offering. D2iQ customers today face many of the do-it-yourself challenges faced by companies that have standardized on Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform of choice. With Rafay’s lifecycle management SaaS now available to D2iQ customers through the partnership being announced today, a better path forward is available to them.

Rafay’s capabilities are available to D2iQ customers through a Rafay-developed Kubernetes operator that injects all of Rafay’s unique capabilities into D2iQ-managed Kubernetes clusters. The process, detailed here, is straightforward:

  1. Setup in Rafay Operations Console
    • Login to Rafay Operations console
    • Create cluster by selecting option – Import Rafay operator into existing D2iQ cluster
    • Download cluster secret
  2. Deploy Rafay Operator into D2IQ Cluster
    • Download Rafay CLI
    • Execute the following commands:
      • rafay-cli cluster install –install rafay operator on an existing cluster
      • rafay-cli cluster join — to join the core

Upon execution, all Rafay required components will be automatically downloaded and deployed on the D2IQ cluster.

As the world of containers and Kubernetes continues to evolve, Rafay believes in providing options and complementary solutions to foster community and promote technological and business advancements. To that end, Rafay, in partnership with D2iQ, is enabling customers to leverage the Rafay offering alongside D2iQ’s platform, where Rafay automates application lifecycle management and D2iQ automates cluster management.

If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you. Go ahead, kick the tires and tell us what you think. Meantime, to learn more, check out the Rafay Platform and try out Konvoy for yourself.



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