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Rafay Systems Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing for Kubernetes Operations with 2021 Stratus Award

We are thrilled to announce that Rafay has won the 2021 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing! Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform was recognized as a leader in the Kubernetes category for the awards program.

The Stratus Awards recognize companies and individuals innovating in the Cloud who offer solutions that are truly redefining the market. Rafay offers the industry’s first and only SaaS platform that unifies lifecycle management requirements for both Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications.

Why is Kubernetes Operations Important?

Rafay has witnessed massive growth in the number of tools and services organizations use to help manage Day 1 operations of Kubernetes, but that’s the easy part. We believe the opportunity is in unifying these tools and services in a way that helps teams to carry out Day 2 operations — such as automation, security, visibility and governance — easily, resulting in faster deployments of new apps to production, reduced app downtimes, and elimination of security and compliance risk associated with their infrastructure.

As companies modernize their apps, their infrastructure is also growing more complex, spanning from the data center to clouds and even at the edge. There is a significant need for enterprises to manage the complex and onerous job of Kubernetes operations across all of that new, complex infrastructure so they can modernize faster, and do so more easily and at less total cost. Instead of reinventing the same Kubernetes Operations wheel at significant cost in terms of time and resources, enterprises need a new and modern approach to streamline and accelerate enterprise-wide application delivery initiatives.

How Rafay Systems Helps Solve the Kubernetes Operations Hurdle

Rafay is uniquely positioned to help enterprise IT organizations address the pressing need to evolve beyond traditional Kubernetes management into a Kubernetes Operations mindset. Our holistic approach unifies the lifecycle management of both Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications and delivers a broad set of automation, security, visibility and governance capabilities needed by enterprise platform and operations teams.

With Rafay, platform teams can operate modern application infrastructure at scale across public clouds, data centers, and the Edge. Deploying apps across multiple environments is streamlined, and enterprise-grade control and governance to application deployment workflows are offered through a single, unified platform. This breakthrough approach brings a new and much-needed operations mindset to the increasingly outdated Kubernetes Management space.

With our Platform, developers, SREs and DevOps teams can triage infrastructure and application issues faster than ever before, significantly reducing reading mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). We’ve seen teams working together to deploy modern applications as much as 4x faster, reduce downtimes by 60%, and eliminate security and compliance risk in the process.

Any organization looking to help platform and SRE teams work smarter and more efficiently should try out the Rafay Kubernetes Operations platform today.


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