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Rafay Terraform Provider

Customers can interface with the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform via multiple approaches:

  • Web Console/UI
  • RCTL CLI (with declarative specs)
  • Rafay Terraform Provider
  • Open API

Many of our customers that are standardized on the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pattern are heavy users of HashiCorp’s Terraform. They use Rafay’s Terraform Provider for their automation requirements. They specifically use the Rafay Terraform Provider to configure and spin up entire “Kubernetes Operating Environments” for downstream teams in minutes.

As we add new capabilities to the platform, we add support for these in our Terraform Provider as well. On  18th Dec 2022, we rolled out our v1.12 of Rafay’s Terraform Provider. In this blog, we will describe one of the interesting enhancements.

Service Mesh using Terraform

One of the significant additions in this version of Rafay’s Terraform Provider is support for our “Managed Service Mesh“.

Most users are probably familiar with the use of Kubectl and/or Helm to deploy and operate a Service Mesh. Read On if you are intrigued by why Terraform support for a managed service mesh.

Read More About Rafay’s Managed Service Mesh

Why Terraform for Service Mesh?

To address compliance (e.g. SOC-2 etc.), many of our customers esp. Platform Teams are required to mandate/enforce the use of Mutual TLS (mTLS) to secure “All East-West” communications in their clusters.

For users that have standardized on Terraform, the last thing they want to do is to be forced to “Switch Context Out of Terraform” and use Helm or Kubectl just to deploy and configure a Service Mesh. With Rafay’s Terraform Provider, they get to Model and “Automate EVERYTHING” natively in Terraform.

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