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Securing Your Kubernetes Clusters with Rafay and Araali

As enterprises modernize with cloud-native, they find themselves vulnerable to serious impact due to application vulnerability coupled with a lack of secure runtime configuration (AKA shared responsibility). A single pod or application compromise can put the whole cluster at risk. This risk can be from apps you write as well as assumed risk from running third-party and open-source code. These risks include supply chain attacks, dependency confusion, and hidden backdoors. How can we build resilience such that an intrusion attempt can be localized and contained without causing any real damage? Read on to learn how.

Araali is a cloud-native security company that empowers teams to build cyber resilience to continue operating without loss even if intruders have infiltrated your network. Araali provides deep and consistent monitoring across all your clusters which can be running on different clouds. It enables your team to discover, prioritize and neutralize these threats by enforcing consistent, self-configuring controls (via Araali Shield). Araali shielded apps are inaccessible to threats that may have sneaked in, even if they possess stolen credentials. It prevents both file-based as well as fileless malware from establishing a backdoor, or having any sort of network privilege. Araali is based on the principles of least privileges – just like Rafay — so it can handle zero-day threats as no threat detection signatures are involved.

Araali installs in your cloud-native environment with a single command. It uses super-optimized eBPF-based controls to give you power with performance. It automatically discovers and manages least privilege policies protecting all your resources inside out, answering the question “who writes and maintains least privilege access policies?” Finally, it has simple workflows, is easy to operate, and is ideal for lean teams.

Helping Organizations Automate Kubernetes Runtime Security with Rafay and Araali

Managing consistent security controls becomes challenging as organizations scale production workloads across clusters and clouds. Most of these environments are highly complex due to the number of applications and clusters and because the clusters elastically scale across data centers, regions, and clouds. Maintaining continuous and contextual monitoring, securing the runtime, and meeting compliance in these dynamic environments is not straightforward.

Araali capabilities is now enabled in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP). By taking advantage of Rafay’s Cluster Blueprint feature, documented in the Rafay – Araali recipe, organizations can now seamlessly deploy Araali to existing clusters as well as new clusters as they are created. Rafay’s Cluster Drift Detection feature allows organizations to ensure that Araali is not removed and is always enabled in their production clusters. Once fully deployed, teams have complete visibility into the runtime activities and top exploitable risks such as unprotected sensitive data, unpatched CVEs, secrets on disks, and overprovisioned IAM roles. These risks can be easily mitigated with enforcement by using Araali Shielding (by default, Araali baselines the runtime behavior; and any drift from the baseline is flagged). This approach allows teams to fulfill their compliance requirement for IDS/IPS. In addition, it is also very effective in detecting novel zero-day threats like supply chain attacks, dependency confusion attacks, log4j, and many more.

Rafay and Araali give your Platform and DevOps teams a friendly way to create consistent and self-configuring controls, prioritize shielding, and monitor runtime continuously to build resilience. This builds your security confidence and allows your team to innovate without risk.

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