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SiliconAngle & Team Rafay Discuss all Things Edge Computing


Stu Miniman with SiliconANGLE Media is one of the more vocal voices in the analyst community discussing Edge Computing use cases. Stu tends to bring a very pragmatic point of view to discussions and is an informed skeptic. Recently, Stu shared his contrarian views on Edge Computing discussing how the Edge isn’t killing the Cloud, an opinion that Team Rafay also holds.

Stu discussed the Edge Computing opportunity with Rafay’s Co-founder & CEO on the set of theCUBE last week, where they dug into the angle(s) that Rafay Systems is chasing in the broader Edge Computing foray.

A recording of the discussion is available here.

As always, if you have strong opinions one way or another on this discussion or the overall Rafay thesis, we would love to hear from you.


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