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Verizon Partners with Rafay Systems to Power Cutting-“Edge” Application Kubernetes Platform

Today we are extremely excited to publicly talk about the work we’ve been doing with Verizon over the last year: Verizon announced a new managed offering called Application Edge, which is powered by Rafay Systems’ Kubernetes Management Cloud for MSPs product. 

The Application Edge platform allows enterprises to deploy business applications across the edge and multi-cloud environments. With Application Edge, Verizon customers can now operate Kubernetes across any number of locations through a simple online experience, enabling them to build, deploy and manage modern applications at scale. 

Why is this so exciting? Because, in addition to helping companies modernize applications as stated above, the Application Edge platform unlocks a new capability for businesses to leverage several technology advances that are poised for incredible growth, namely 5G and internet of things (IoT). 5G delivers download speeds up to 2.7 times faster and for an order of magnitude more devices per square mile than 4G. Those capabilities are a game-changer for businesses and consumers with smartphones, tablets, and wearables. 5G is so impactful that MIT Technology Review forecasts that by 2035, 5G’s contribution to the global GDP will be about the current size of India’s entire economy. Smart homes and smart businesses have been growing for years but it’s just the beginning for IoT. The number of IoT devices, many of which will soon be able to take full advantage of 5G speeds, is projected to grow from 7 billion in 2018 to 22 billion by 2025.

With the Application Edge platform, enterprises can power cutting-“edge” applications at the edge of the network and thus create amazing real-time customer experiences with incredibly fast delivery speeds and less latency. Need real-time analytics in 1,000 retail locations? Done. Need real-time AI-driven decision making to optimize your manufacturing process? Done. 

Verizon’s target use cases are a perfect fit for Rafay’s KMC for MSPs product. The KMC for MSPs solution streamlines Kubernetes operations and creates new business opportunities for service providers by providing a SaaS-first managed Kubernetes solution to their customers. And with white-labeling and full multi-tenant capabilities, service providers can promote their respective brands directly, while allowing customers to operate their K8s instances in a self-service fashion. 

We are incredibly proud of what Rafay Systems and Verizon have built together and we look forward to helping Verizon customers innovate by building modern applications and creating new business opportunities. 


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