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Reduce Your Operational Risk by Standardizing your Kubernetes Workflows Now

At Rafay, we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours quickly close the operational gaps in their Kubernetes workflows and deliver a Standard Operating Model (SOM) for managing Kubernetes clusters across the entire organization.

Before we knew it, we had 20+ clusters running in various AWS accounts, and the manageability was a nightmare. Now we have a centralized place for managing 100x the clusters with the same resources.

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Uplevel Your Kubernetes Infrastructure to Enterprise-Grade in Days with Turnkey Services for Your Entire Kubernetes Roadmap.

When Kubernetes works well, it’s a thing of beauty, and the entire business benefits from the fast pace at which developers can deliver new capabilities to end customers. But getting Kubernetes clusters up and running is no small feat, and that’s just the beginning.

Managing an enterprise-grade fleet of Kubernetes clusters requires stitching together dozens of tools and open-source technologies for critical capabilities such as access management, configuration enforcement & drift management, and Kubernetes policy management. Even with just a few clusters, experienced Operations teams struggle to keep up with the long list of K8s features on their roadmap, exposing their organization to extreme risk.

Rafay provides turnkey services for everything needed to run an enterprise-grade fleet of Kubernetes clusters, from provisioning and access management to cluster blueprints and best-in-class Kubernetes addons. Close the gaps in your Kubernetes workflows now before they introduce more risk to your business.

Enterprises With Experience Running Kubernetes in Production Achieve the Following with Rafay

Accelerate Their Kubernetes Roadmap

Once you hit production, there’s often a large backlog of additional features needed to bring your Kubernetes fleet up to enterprise-grade standards. Deliver critical Kubernetes capabilities to your internal customers in weeks instead of months or years.

Reduce Their Technology Risk

A governance & automation strategy for on-premises and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters requires a level of prior experience and expertise that may not be readily available on your team. Partner with Rafay to do Kubernetes right. We’ve done this 100s of times.

Address Their Kubernetes Skills Gap

Hiring and retaining experienced Kubernetes talent is incredibly hard. Rafay’s automation framework and workflows for both SREs and developers empower platform teams to make fast progress without needing to hire additional team members with specialized prior experience.

Reduce Their TCO For Kubernetes

Time, cost of new hires, and consultant billables all add up. Working with Rafay results in a much lower TCO relative to using other platforms in the market or building a platform in-house.

Rafay’s Comprehensive Kubernetes Operations Platform & Standard Operating Model Help Companies Grow Kubernetes Usage Confidently

Standardized Cluster Lifecycle Management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Invest in the right level of standardization and governance for cluster lifecycle management (creation, upgrades, scaling, etc.). Don’t reinvent this expensive wheel.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

Every major enterprise treats their Kubernetes infrastructure as cattle, not pets. They readily provision consistent, standardized clusters as needed through their favorite infrastructure-as-code methodology. You should consider doing the same.

K8s configuration and policy management

How Rafay Ensures Success

It’s important to get K8s policies and configuration right even at the beginning of your K8s journey. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let Rafay show you how.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

Not starting with config and policy standards leads enterprises to restart their Kubernetes projects because they end up with snowflake clusters. Debugging snowflake clusters is really hard, and you’ll waste time understanding whether the issue is because of an app misconfiguration or a unique cluster configuration. Rafay can help.

Centralized addon management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Update addons across the fleet simply by making changes to a single YAML file corresponding to said addon, and Rafay’s GitOps-for-infratructure service takes care of the rest. Optionally leverage Rafay’s managed addons: Ingress, Networking & Storage, OPA/Gatekeeper Policy Management, Backup/Restore, Chargebacks, and more.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

Without a programmatic strategy to install a blessed set of addons on each cluster, you are exposing your business to risks associated with missing addons and ongoing addon lifecycle management. Rafay can even help you pick the best addons for your company.

Terraform- and GitOps-based cluster lifecycle management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Add nodes or node-groups, upgrade the Kubernetes version, or provision entirely new Kubernetes clusters using Rafay’s Terraform provider or via Rafay’s GitOps-for-infrastructure capabilities. And all configuration files can be easily backed up in your favorite git repo (e.g., Gitlab, GitHub, BitBucket, etc.).

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) based standardization is a must-have for enterprises. Even if you have gone down the Terraform path today, leveraging Rafay’s Terraform provider will reduce your ongoing risk associated with keeping up with new requirements that will surely come up for cluster lifecycle management. Either you can expect your platform team to keep updating your internal Terraform logic, or Rafay can do it for you.

Enable developer self-service with enterprise-grade guardrails

How Rafay Ensures Success

Deliver GitOps- and ClickOps-driven workflows for developers to easily provision new clusters or new namespaces (in existing clusters) without the heavy lifting falling on platform engineering each time. All workflows come with built-in gates for platform teams to approve/deny developer activities for governance purposes.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

The point of Kubernetes is to help developers move fast, but the irony is that operating Kubernetes with homegrown tools is extremely complicated. Rafay enables best-in-class Kubernetes operations out of the gate. Let’s do this together.

Best-practice operational workflows

How Rafay Ensures Success

Don’t wait to build out operational best practices yourself and re-learn mistakes made before you. Team Rafay can provide a Standard Operating Model (SOM) that will help you scale in your K8s journey the right way.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

The engagement model between platform teams and dev teams needs to be implemented correctly. Not starting with the right strategy will lead to platform restarts and wasted time.

Training for your team

How Rafay Ensures Success

Kubernetes can present a steep learning curve for new team members. Rafay University helps companies ramp up quickly with Kubernetes.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

Don’t let your teams learn Kubernetes on their own. Rafay can provide custom training for your company and keep your team up to date on the latest K8s technology and management techniques.

Kubernetes safety net to help address issues 24/7

How Rafay Ensures Success

Rafay’s customer success, solutions architecture, and solutions engineering teams are available 24×7 to our customers’ platform engineering, SRE, and development teams. We can even manage your clusters for you! We’ve done this 100s of times.

Why Your Company Needs This Capability Now

A Kubernetes practice without insurance is a risky proposition. Team Rafay has the world’s top Kubernetes experts on the solutions architecture team. And they are here to support our customers in every situation. Working with Rafay is the best insurance policy you can purchase for your modern infrastructure.

Elevate your Kubernetes clusters into an enterprise-grade fleet within days instead of months. Learn how by getting in touch with Rafay now.