Rafay is the Clear Successor To VMware Tanzu

Why VMware Tanzu Users Are Switching To Rafay

VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom is making enterprises rethink their Tanzu investment

Don’t risk your app modernization strategy on the M&A whims of large companies.

Why VMware Tanzu Customers are Switching to Rafay:

Extend your investment in VMware technology

Rafay supports on-premises and Edge K8s cluster deployments on vCenter or bare-metal

Take advantage of Rafay’s native vCenter integration for end-to-end K8s cluster lifecycle management, meaning your long-standing VMware investments can continue to be utilized. Run & manage containers on K8s and VMs in a single platform.

Easily operate a hybrid cloud environment

Rafay provides the deepest support for Amazon EKS and Microsoft AKS

Leverage consistent workflows, automation, and the right controls and governance for the leading managed Kubernetes services in AWS, Azure or GCP, along with your on-premises Kubernetes deployment.

One, end-to-end operations platform to rule them all

Rafay delivers the broadest K8s operations platform in the market

Beyond cluster lifecycle management, enterprises need cluster standardization and governance, policy enforcement, cluster backup, app deployment via GitOps, network policy management, chargebacks, visibility/monitoring and more. Rafay provides these capabilities in an integrated, SaaS offering. Even manage VMs!

Partner with Rafay - we’ve done this 100s of times

Best-in-Class Customer Success with Kubernetes and Ecosystem Experts Available 24x7

Stop struggling to find and retain expertise to manage and maintain Kubernetes distributions, tools, and infrastructures with unmatched experience running modern infrastructure at scale.

Rafay Delivers These Key Capabilities:


Ensure K8s clusters and modern apps always comply with your policies


Secure access to Kubernetes clusters and applications with RBAC, SSO, and auditing of all actions performed


Automate lifecycle management for both K8s clusters and apps


Visibility of all clusters & apps across your entire infrastructure

The Definitive Guide to Kubernetes Automation and Governance for Platform Teams

Leverage this Guide to Maximize your Kubernetes Investments

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get comfortable with the risk of working with a startup on such an important initiative?

Sometimes there is risk in partnering with big companies too (see the VMware acquisition). It’s important to identify and partner with best-in-class product teams that are rewriting the rules of the industry. Rafay delivers the most comprehensive Kubernetes Operations platform in the market, which is why so many enterprises like you are already Rafay customers.

How did a startup build such a broad platform in such a short time?

With clarity of intent comes confidence in execution. Team Rafay has unmatched expertise in building infrastructure automation and operations solutions, and truly understands the modernization journey. Our mission is to make your Infrastructure Operations and SRE teams successful with modern infrastructure, and we keep building unique capabilities to do so.

Can you support a complex organization like ours, being a startup?

Rafay K8s operations platform is unmatched in the industry, but our customer success and support teams are the company’s most important asset. Having done this 100s of times, the team has built a practice around helping enterprises build out a standard operating model for modern infrastructure consumption.