GitLab Integration with Rafay Systems

Sample Gitlab CI that can be used with Rafay is here:

Use a GitLab-based GitOps pipeline to automate the deployment of a containerized application to multiple Kubernetes clusters using Rafay in seconds.

Grab the .rafay_helpers file to install and initialize the Rafay CLI.

This is an example of a pipeline with 4 stages: Build, Deploy, Test and Cleanup.

In the Build stage, GitLab checks out the source code from the configured Git repository, compiles the code, builds the Docker container image and, finally, pushes it to the configured container registry.

In the Deploy stage, GitLab checks out the application’s YAML configuration file from the configured Git repository and uses the Rafay CLI to initiate a deployment on multiple clusters using Rafay.

Once Rafay confirms the application is successfully deployed to all configured clusters, automated tests are performed to validate that the application is working properly.