Edge AI Summit

This interview with Haseeb Budhani, CEO and Co-Founder of Rafay Systems, was conducted by the Edge AI Summit in advance of their December 11, 2018 conference is San Francisco. The original link can be found here. At the Edge AI Summit next month, you will be presenting a presentation titled ‘What is an Edge and […]

Creating a network of edges is a much harder problem than it appears. I know because I talk with enterprise and service providers every day about this challenge. I’ve seen numerous press stories recently on edge computing, and nearly all describe the drivers, players, use cases and economics of the edge. But why? Why should […]


When you see or hear the word “serverless,” which of the following comes to mind: AWS Lambda@Edge Cloudflare Workers Physical servers whimsically flying out of a data center If you picked (3), you may be on the wrong website. If you picked (1) or (2), you’re part of the problem: You are conflating serverless and […]

Edges and Cliffs

It’s hard to not read a tech article these days without seeing something about Edge Computing. It reminds me of the hype around “The Cloud” in 2009, including the confusion about what the “cloud” was useful for.  What seems to be missing now is a good explanationof what the Edge is really good for and […]


This blog was first published on Forbes. Edge computing will fundamentally transform the cloud. In some camps, it is already assumed to be the default technology to address growing challenges such as reduced application performance, application distribution, improved security, data sovereignty compliance and hyper-personalization of web apps. However, there is a growing body of myths and inflated […]

This blog was first published by Rafay’s Chief Architect, John Dilley, on Data Center Knowledge. “Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.” –The Beatles from “A Day in the Life” But how many edges will it take to cover the planet … with a low-latency network? The Beatles’ lyric […]