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Give Customers a SaaS Experience, Whether it Runs as SaaS or On-prem

Modern software companies deliver cloud promises with Kubernetes and Rafay

“Think about this enterprise software running, and people just sign up for it, and it's there for you right on the spot … That's the beauty of the work that Rafay helped us to do over the last few months.”

Anant Verma

VP of Engineering, Alation

Alation helps their customers effectively derive value from their large volumes of data – providing capabilities like data search, discovery, metadata management, cataloging, governance, and policy management. A key goal in developing their solution is to become more cloud native and offer all the benefits of SaaS to their customers, such as a seamless onboarding experience.

To offer a more cloud native experience for their customers, they want to containerize their services and deploy them on Kubernetes in AWS. Seamlessly integrating their services with an EKS platform while managing customer data has required careful planning.

Alation is not alone in their desire to offer seamless delivery and management of their software to customers. And sometimes, application requirements force on-premise deployment of software. This could be for security reasons, or because the application requires access to customer data that is so vast it cannot be moved to another cloud. But offering the SaaS experience to customers accelerates their productivity, since they can sidestep the need to juggle data transport, software management and upgrade tasks and focus just on using the software to support their businesses.

Rafay’s next-gen Kubernetes automation platform was designed for this, so high tech and software companies can meet the specific requirements of each of their customers while providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

image for Haseeb Budhani & Anant Verma | AWS re:Invent 2022 - Global Startup Program

Haseeb Budhani & Anant Verma | AWS re:Invent 2022 - Global Startup Program

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image for Alation partners with Rafay Systems to operationalize its data intelligence solution in Kubernetes

Alation partners with Rafay Systems to operationalize its data intelligence solution in Kubernetes

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Rafay Automates the SaaS Experience for your Customers

Deploying software for your customers can be complex, especially when trying to satisfy expectations for SaaS delivery that are now commonplace. Rafay’s cloud automation platform handles the software delivery process, so your customers can have seamless access to what they’ve purchased within minutes, not weeks. Rafay can even deploy and manage your software if it’s deployed in your customers’ remote cloud environment, behind their firewall and following their security controls.

Challenges in High Tech

Rafay Lets You…

Challenges in High Tech Provisioning and managing applications clusters across different customer environments is taxing, time consuming, and introduces errors.
Rafay Lets You… Easily automate the provisioning and lifecycle management of your application on every Kubernetes cluster, no matter where it resides.
Challenges in High Tech Inconsistencies across clusters leads to snowflake configurations, reliability issues, and management nightmares.
Rafay Lets You… Standardize and enforce a model for centrally managing your applications via Kubernetes, with guardrails set by you and the customer.
Challenges in High Tech Go live delays happen when customers have to wait for customer success teams to adapt their software to the customers’ environment.
Rafay Lets You… Spin up environments on demand with self-service processes for your Customer Success and Operations teams that follow both your and your customers’ policies.
Challenges in High Tech On-premise deployment is required for some applications, but delivering on SaaS ease of use expectations with it can be difficult.
Rafay Lets You… Share resources efficiently by centrally managing the lifecycle of every application deployed with every customer.

With Rafay, You Can

Offer your users the benefits of modern SaaS, without sacrificing the tight controls customers demand over their own data.

Offer rapid trial and onboarding that enables you to show value more quickly than other options deployed more traditionally.

Manage the deployments of your software across all of your customers, seamlessly and securely, from a single platform.

Streamline efficiencies of managing deployments across multiple environments, saving resources for you and your customers.

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"Easily operate and rapidly deploy applications anywhere across multi-cloud and edge environments."

Aamir Hussain

SVP Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business

"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business