The Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform offers multiple pricing options that works for enterprises, startups & service providers. Our customers can choose either per-cluster or per-node pricing to best suit their business needs and use cases.

Per-Cluster Pricing

Per-Node Pricing

Best For
Per-Cluster Pricing
Situations where the node count per cluster is 10 or more
Per-Node Pricing
Situations where the node count is 9 or fewer
Typical Use Cases
Per-Cluster Pricing
Perfect for on-premises and cloud deployments
Per-Node Pricing
Perfect for network-edge and micro-edge clusters
Platform Services Included
Per-Cluster Pricing
Per-Node Pricing
Per-Cluster Pricing
Standard Support during U.S. business hours (8AM EST - 8PM EST) included. Enterprise Support 24x7x365 is available at an additional fee.
Per-Node Pricing
Standard Support during U.S. business hours (8AM EST - 8PM EST) included. Enterprise Support 24x7x365 is available at an additional fee.

Rafay Customers Streamline Kubernetes Operations

Faster Deployments
Reduction in MTTR
Faster Time to Kubernetes
Controllers to Manage

Pricing FAQs

What counts as a node?

A node is a physical or virtual server/machine.

What counts as a cluster?

A cluster is a set of virtual or physical machines that are configured to work together to provide compute services for one or more applications. A cluster may consist of up to 3 nodes that carry out control-plane functions for the clusters, and an unlimited number of nodes to host application containers.

Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes! As the number of clusters or nodes increases the price per cluster or per node decreases.

What about short-lived or ephemeral clusters?

Our customers love to experiment, and we don’t ding them for it. We don’t charge for cluster/node count spikes, but look at the running average of clusters or nodes in use when calculating usage.

Is there a difference between production and non-production pricing?

The management overhead for helping our customers operate dev vs prod clusters is effectively the same, so we treat all clusters (or nodes) the same.

What if I use more clusters or nodes than I’ve licensed?

Rafay has a true-up forward policy, meaning that we don’t carry out chargebacks for scenarios where the consumption in a completed billing cycle exceeded the licensed count. If the new, steady-state number of clusters/nodes is expected to be higher, our customer success team will discuss the situation with you, and take steps to adjust billing accordingly for the next billing cycle.

How much does Enterprise Support (24x7x365) cost?

Enterprise Support is available at an additional fee equaling 20% of the cluster or node subscription.

Do you have EDU or GOV discounts?

Yes, please contact sales for more information about discounts for educational institutions and government agencies.