Scaling Kubernetes Across The Enterprise

Centrally operate and govern Kubernetes for multiple teams, apps, infras

At Rafay, we’ve helped hundreds of companies like you build and operate an enterprise-wide Kubernetes platform that spans data centers and public clouds. Rafay delivers Terraform- and GitOps-based automation options, and unique capabilities such as blueprinting and templating for governance and control

With Rafay, we were able to standardize dev and ops workflows so teams can adopt Kubernetes at breakneck speeds, while enforcing the optimal level of control.

- VP of Cloud Platform Engineering

    F100 Financial Services Company

Enterprises Scaling Kubernetes Achieve the Following by Partnering with Rafay

Reduce Their Technology & People Risk

A governance & automation strategy for on-premises and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters requires a level of prior experience and expertise that may not be readily available. Partner with Rafay to do Kubernetes right. We’ve done this 100s of times.

Accelerate Their Modernization Journey

Lack of centralized governance and automation is the 2nd biggest reason why modernization projects stall. Remove bottlenecks for developers and ops teams by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive Kubernetes Operations platform in the market.

Reduce Their TCO For Kubernetes

Time, new hires and consultants all add up. Working with Rafay results in a lower TCO relative to using other platforms in the market or building a platform in-house.

Enable app teams to easily consume cloud-based and on-premises Kubernetes, while enforcing the governance & control your business requires

Standardized Cluster Configurations

How Rafay Ensures Success

Easily define reusable cluster specs that can be checked into your favorite git repo (e.g., Gitlab, Github, BitBucket, etc.). Create reusable blueprints for on-premises and cloud-based clusters that can be centrally applied to the entire cluster fleet.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Every major enterprise treats their K8s infrastructure as cattle, not pets. They can readily provision consistent, standardized clusters as needed through their favorite infrastructure-as-code methodology. You should do the same.

Centralized Addon Management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Update addons across the fleet simply by making changes to a single YAML file corresponding to said addon, and Rafay’s GitOps service takes care of the rest. Optionally leverage Rafay’s managed addons: Ingress, Networking & Storage, OPA/Gatekeeper Policy Management, Backup/Restore, Chargebacks, and more.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Without a programmatic strategy to install a blessed set of addons on each cluster, you are exposing your business to risks associated with missing addons and ongoing addon lifecycle management. Rafay can even help you pick the best addons for your company .

Terraform- and GitOps-Based Cluster Lifecycle Management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Add nodes or node-groups, upgrade the Kubernetes version, or provision entirely new Kubernetes clusters using Rafay’s Terraform provider or via Rafay’s GitOps-for-infrastructure capabilities. And all configuration files can be easily backed up in your favorite git repo (e.g., Gitlab, GitHub, BitBucket, etc.).

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) based standardization is a must-have for enterprises. Even if you have gone down the Terraform path today, leveraging Rafay’s Terraform provider will reduce your ongoing risk associated with keeping up with new requirements that will surely come up for cluster lifecycle management. Either you can expect your platform team to keep updating your internal Terraform logic, or Rafay can do it for you.

Centralized Control and Auditing for All Developer and SRE Access to Kubernetes Infrastructure

How Rafay Ensures Success

Use your enterprise IdP as the source of truth for all developer and SRE access to Kubernetes infrastructure, with complete AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Auditing) support and packaged workflows for break-glass developer access to production environments.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

The point of Kubernetes is to help developers move fast and building this capabilioy yourself is extremly compliacted. Rafay enables this on day 1 with best practices for guardrails. Let’s do this together.

Fleet-Wide Alerting, Auditing and Monitoring

How Rafay Ensures Success

Centrally receive alerts indicating a variety of problems that may occur across your Kubernetes fleet, along with an audit of all developer and SRE activity, plus deep information into cluster, node and resource health. All alert and audit data can be easily streamed to your SIEM of choice (e.g. Splunk, ELK, etc.)

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Centrally managing all alerts from all your clusters across datacenter and cloud environments is a must-have for enterprises. Without this information, SRE teams have to build considerable infrastructure to reduce MTTR. Rafay powers this capability out of the box.

Flexible Deployment Options to Suit Your IT Strategy

How Rafay Ensures Success

Choose between several Rafay deployment options including SaaS, self-hosted, or a fully-managed K8s service

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Most of our customers use the SaaS option if time to value and ease of operation are top priorities. But if your business requires you to use Rafay’s self-hosted options, or have us manage a self-hosted deployment for you, we can do that too. Let’s talk about exactly what is best for your business.

Kubernetes Safety Net to Help Address Issues 24/7

How Rafay Ensures Success

Rafay’s customer success, solutions architecture and solutions engineering teams are available 24×7 to our customers’ platform engineering, SRE and development teams. We can even manage your clusters for you! We’ve done this 100s of times.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

A K8s practice without insurance is a risky proposition. Team Rafay has the world’s top Kubernetes experts on the solutions architecture team. And they are here to support our customers in every situation. Working with Rafay is best insurance policy you can purchase for your modern infrastructure.

Don’t wait to engage with a governance & automation solutions vendor till your platform and SRE teams hit a wall. Do your diligence by getting in touch with Rafay now.