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Rafay delivers a turnkey SaaS offering that automates lifecycle management for containerized applications. Devops and SRE teams can leverage Rafay’s unique offering to reduce the complexity they face today when deploying and operating applications in Kubernetes environments, resulting in faster time to market for new business capabilities. Rafay’s application abstraction, cluster blueprinting and enterprise-ready integration features make it the ideal platform for multi-region, multi-cloud, hybrid and edge/MEC adoption.

Consumed as a service, Rafay’s platform eliminates the need to build an in-house platform or developing any specialized compute distribution capabilities. The platform significantly simplifies the deployment of containerized apps anywhere. Organizations can now achieve their desired levels of reliability, availability and performance with any combination of public cloud environments through a developer-friendly SaaS offering.

Rafay Systems was created remove the burden and cost of do-it-yourself approaches and provide a proven platform for running containerized apps anywhere?

Rafay Systems is the Future