Why Rafay?

Because you should be building a platform instead of managing cloud and K8s

Our PaaS for enterprises lets platform teams provide guardrails that allow developers and operations to focus on delivering speed of innovation and business agility.

What’s Missing in Enterprise Cloud Platforms Today?

Platform teams must deliver self-service cloud infrastructure to the developers, data scientists, engineers, researchers, and other cloud users who depend on it to innovate. Current cloud platforms provide provisioning and lifecycle management, but lack the tools to manage across teams, applications, or clouds at scale. With Rafay, platform teams can build a PaaS with automations that deliver Autonomy to cloud users while maintaining Control and Efficiency over cloud operations.

Developers, data scientists, and other cloud users are held back by cognitive load as they navigate complex processes to use cloud resources.

Rafay provides Autonomy, so cloud users can move fast and innovate with dependable, self-service access to cloud resources available to anyone who needs it for development or testing.

  • Self-service processes leading to faster deployment and iteration
  • Greater focus on core tasks with infrastructure readily available
  • More experimentation and agility, encouraging innovation

Platform engineers struggle as the increasing pace of iteration across the business leads to complexity, sprawl, and excess cost.

Rafay provides Control, so platform engineers can manage self-service workflows across a hybrid cloud environment, ensuring that all compliance, security, and financial requirements are met.

  • Better governance of permitted configs from deployment onwards
  • Less security risk with centralized RBAC and auditing
  • Shared accountability of cloud costs with visibility & chargeback

Ops teams are burning cycles on manual toil due to config differences, inconsistent policies, and service availability issues.

Rafay provides Efficiency, so operations can increase service availability by automating cloud management processes and standardizing configurations across all teams from a single console.

  • Streamlined ops with automated cloud management procedures
  • Reduced cloud costs with tools for managing resource use
  • Lower MTTR with standard configs and faster troubleshooting

How Rafay Works

Rafay’s single SaaS-based* cloud controller manages hundreds of Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments with ease, while allowing software-defined isolation across any department, business group, or geography. It drops seamlessly into existing environments, plugs into your existing Internal Developer Platforms, CI/CD and GitOps pipelines, and Infrastructure as Code repositories, and automates operations immediately to make cloud workflows faster and more efficient.
Rafay works across multi-cloud landscapes hosted publicly or privately, natively supporting their Kubernetes distributions and other services. It even dramatically simplifies the management overhead of applications and services deployed at the edge, or in remote locations.

* A self-hosted version is also available.

Key Differentiators

SaaS-First Approach

Rafay deploys in minutes, with all the benefits of the cloud including instant scalability, automatic updates, >99.99% uptime and the lowest TCO. Companies requiring air-gapped deployments for compliance and regulatory reasons can deploy Rafay on-premises.

Zero-Trust Fabric Built-in

Rafay does not require inbound access to your cloud infrastructure. Zero-Trust Access governs all activity by end-users as well as CI/CD systems with role-based access control (RBAC) and auditing of all actions.

Scalability & Fleet Management

Rafay allows platform teams to manage their fleets collectively. Create, deploy, operate, monitor, upgrade and retire 1 or 1,000+ clusters or environments just as easily across any number of regions or clouds.

Multi-Cloud Interoperability

Rafay supports every public or private cloud, including all major distributions of Kubernetes and services leveraged by cloud environments. This supports our customers’ cloud migration strategies and allows them to avoid vendor lock-in.

Seamless Enterprise Integrations

Rafay includes integrations with Okta, AzureAD, Jenkins, Hashicorp Terraform & Vault, Datadog … and many more are just a few clicks away.

Market-Leading Support

When blogs and community resources aren’t enough, partner with Rafay’s deep bench of certified cloud automation experts to jump-start & customize your application modernization journey.

Rafay’s Benefits Are Felt Across the Organization

Zero downtime

across mission critical workloads for oncology R&D and analytics

Saved over $1M

from being spent on excess cloud costs and operational inefficiency

Deployment rates up 4x

which empowers developers to iterate faster and accelerate their innovation

Enterprise PaaS

Platform teams at MassMutual, Guardant Health, and Verizon use Rafay to enable anyone who depends on rapid access to cloud infrastructure to move faster safely.

Rafay automates self-service cloud infrastructure in two key areas:

Rafay Environment Manager

Automatically provision templated, fully featured, policy compliant environments, with just one click, for developers, data scientists, researchers, and more.

Learn more

Rafay Kubernetes Manager

Streamline automation of self-service provisioning for Kubernetes infrastructure, while assuring consistent standardization and governance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SaaS the right consumption model for Kubernetes operations?

With Rafay’s SaaS approach, enterprises can take advantage of all the benefits of a Kubernetes Operations Platform while also enjoying all the benefits of the cloud including ease of use, being up and running in minutes, no management of administrative clusters, and automatically scaling to handle hundreds of clusters.

Is the Rafay platform competitive with Amazon EKS?

No. Rafay provides a level of automation, security, viability and governance on top of EKS (and also for Azure AKS and GCP GKE). As a result, many Rafay customers use EKS and leverage Rafay to streamline EKS lifecycle management, along with application deployment and governance requirements for containerized apps running in EKS.

Does Rafay compete with Rancher?

Although Rancher delivers a number of Kubernetes cluster management capabilities, there are a number of reasons why enterprises are choosing Rafay over Rancher: Rancher is not delivered as a SaaS offering, which is the preferred consumption model for many enterprises; Rancher isn’t architected with zero-trust principles in mind; Rancher doesn’t support enterprise-level multi-tenancy; Rancher doesn’t support native capabilities for GitOps-based application deployment, cluster backup/restore, and more. Net-net Rancher is a great tool for basic cluster automation and visibility, while enterprises are looking for a Kubernetes Operations Platform that delivers automation, security, visibility and governance capability for both clusters and containerized applications.

We already have clusters up and running. Why do we need to partner with Rafay?

Provisioning clusters is the first step on a long journey towards Kubernetes operational excellence. Even if you prefer to keep leveraging your preferred methodology for cluster provisioning, you can easily import your clusters into the Rafay platform to implement application deployment automation, cluster and application governance, zero-trust control and access, and more.

We've already built a platform in-house. Can Rafay really benefit our business?

Yes! Rafay adds to any platform critical enterprise-grade capabilities such as cluster and application blueprints, drift detection, centralized RBAC and auditability of all actions, just to name a few, across both Kubernetes clusters and their applications. Adding Rafay is a simple exercise, and our solutions team will be more than happy to show you how to reduce the ongoing development and maintenance burden associated with building an in-house platform.

White Paper
Hybrid Cloud Meets Kubernetes

Learn how to Streamline Kubernetes Ops in Hybrid Clouds with AWS & Rafay

"Easily operate and rapidly deploy applications anywhere across multi-cloud and edge environments."

Aamir Hussain

SVP Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business

"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Operations & deep DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase development velocity."

Alec Rooney


"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business