Is your business early in its Kubernetes journey?

Benefit from Rafay’s experience in making 100+ Kubernetes deployments successful

At Rafay, we’ve helped companies like yours start their Kubernetes journey on the right footing with the proper level of standardization, governance, and automation. Let’s talk.

By working with Rafay, we were able to quickly put together a Standard Operating Model for modern infrastructure and shaved months off our modernization timeline.

- Director of Cloud Operations

    F500 Financial Services Company

Enterprises Considering Kubernetes Achieve The Following By Partnering With Rafay

Accelerate Their Modernization Journey

Jumpstart your path to modernization with the best K8s Operations platform in the market and a trusted advisor

Increase Their Team’s K8s Skills

Eliminate the time and cost of missteps by working with Team Rafay. We’ve done this 100s of times

Reduce Their Infrastructure Risk

Time, new hires and consultants all add up. Working with Rafay results in a lower TCO relative to using other platforms in the market or building a platform in-house.

Reduce Their TCO For K8s Infrastructure

Working with Team Rafay consistently results in a lower TCO for companies relative to building K8s platforms inhouse and to partnering with other companies.

Rafay’s Comprehensive Kubernetes Operations Platform & Best Practices Framework Help Companies Begin their K8s Journey With Confidence

Standardized cluster lifecycle management

How Rafay Ensures Success

Invest in the right level of standardization and governance for cluster lifecycle management (creation, upgrades, scaling, etc.) from day 1. Don’t reinvent this expensive wheel.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Every major enterprise treats their K8s infrastructure as cattle, not pets. They can readily provision consistent, standardized clusters as needed through their favorite infrastructure-as-code methodology. You should consider doing the same.

K8s configuration and policy management

How Rafay Ensures Success

It’s important to get K8s policies and configuration right even at the beginning of your K8s journey. Let Rafay show you how.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Not starting with config and policy standards leads enterprises to restart their Kubernetes projects, because they end up with snowflake clusters. Debugging snowflakes is really hard, and you’ll waste time understanding whether the issue is because of an app misconfiguration or a unique cluster configuration. Rafay can help.

Best-in-class addon selection for K8s clusters

How Rafay Ensures Success

Selecting the right addons for each use case can become a multi-month project. Team Rafay has done this a 100+ times, and can recommend the addons that fit your needs.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Rafay comes pre-packaged with best-in-class addons that your team needs. Don’t have your platform team waste cycles on learning about all of these addons. Rafay can help and even suggest the best for your company.

Best-practice operational workflows

How Rafay Ensures Success

Don’t wait to build out operational best practices yourself and re-learn mistakes made before you. Team Rafay can provide a Standard Operating Model (SOM) that will help you scale in your K8s journey the right way.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

How your platform team should engage with dev teams is important to get right. Not starting with the right strategy will lead to platform restarts and wasted time.

Training for your team

How Rafay Ensures Success

Kubernetes can present a steep learning curve for platform teams. Rafay University helps companies ramp up quickly with Kubernetes.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Don’t let your teams learn Kubernetes on their own. Rafay can provide custom training for your company.

Kubernetes Safety Net

How Rafay Ensures Success

Rafay’s customer success, solutions architecture and solutions engineering teams are available 24×7 to our customers to help them make progress. We’ve done this 100s of times.

Why Your Company Needs This Now

Team Rafay has the world’s top Kubernetes experts on the solutions architecture team. And they are here to support our customers in any and all situations. Working with Rafay is best insurance policy you can purchase for your modern infrastructure.

Best Practices for Securing Kubernetes

Learn how to apply Zero-Trust Principles to Secure Access to Kubernetes