Rafay Kubernetes Management Platform

Finally, Kubernetes Automation for Everyone, Everywhere

The kubernetes management solution that streamlines automation of self-service provisioning for Kubernetes infrastructure, while assuring consistent standardization and governance.

Kubernetes Management Platform

As enterprises modernize their applications, they are quickly realizing the significant increase in the cost and resources required to manage Kubernetes clusters. Rafay’s SaaS-first approach enables companies to gain efficiencies from Kubernetes almost immediately, thus speeding digital transformation initiatives while keeping operating costs low.

Kubernetes Management Built for Platform Teams

With Benefits Felt Across the Organization

Autonomy to cloud users

Move fast and innovate when dependable, self-service access to Kubernetes resources is available to anyone who needs it for development or testing. development or testing.

Control to platform engineers

Manage self-service workflows across a hybrid Kubernetes environment, ensuring that all compliance, security, and financial requirements are met.

Efficiency to operations

Increase service availability by automating Kubernetes management and standardizing configurations across all teams from a single console.

How Rafay Kubernetes Management Works

Rafay’s single SaaS-based* controller manages hundreds of Kubernetes clusters with ease, while allowing software-defined isolation across any department, business group, or geography. It drops seamlessly into existing environments, plugs into your existing Internal Developer Platforms, CI/CD and GitOps pipelines, and Infrastructure as Code repositories, and automates operations immediately to make Kubernetes workflows faster and more efficient.

* A self-hosted version is also available.

All Your Kubernetes Management & Operational Needs In A Single Solution

For Autonomy

  • Use workflows with built-in automation and governance
  • Provision rapidly with cluster or namespace as a service
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes infrastructure

For Control

  • Standardize configs and add-ons across clusters and clouds
  • Optimize costs and track chargebacks across teams
  • Build an internal portal for developers and cloud users

For Efficiency

  • Manage secure namespaces across multi-tenant clusters
  • Provide zero-trust kubectl multi-cluster access to users
  • Automate upgrades and fleet management processes

Our Kubernetes Management Platform’s Key Features

Multi-Cloud Cluster Lifecycle Management

Multi-Tenancy with Team Isolation

Add-on management with catalog & blueprints

Centralized Cluster & Network Policy Management

Integrated Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Integrated Backup & Restore

Use Case Example: Cluster Upgrade

Typical Process

Process With Rafay

Typical Process Investigate what changed, and determine how your environment is impacted (retired APIs, prereq steps, etc.)
Process With Rafay Import Rafay’s fleet plan and configure it to run in your environment. Customize any prereq and post-upgrade checks.
Typical Process Build a plan to address concerns identified in the prior step.
Process With Rafay Automatically select resources to upgrade.
Typical Process Identify resources to upgrade.
Process With Rafay Execute a dry run.
Typical Process Test the upgrade.
Process With Rafay Solve any issues that are surfaced.
Typical Process Upgrade the control plane.
Process With Rafay Execute the plan. Monitor the dashboard in Rafay to track how upgrades are progressing.
Typical Process Run post upgrade actions and checks.
Process With Rafay Enjoy your weekend (or do something else).
Typical Process Upgrade a few worker nodes.
Typical Process Run post upgrade actions and checks
Typical Process Upgrade a few more nodes
Typical Process Run post upgrade actions and checks.
Typical Process

Self-Service Cloud Automation

Platform teams at MassMutual, Guardant Health, and Verizon use the Rafay Cloud Automation Platform to enable anyone who depends on rapid access to cloud infrastructure to move faster safely.

Rafay Environment Management

Automatically provision templated, fully featured, policy compliant environments, with just one click, for developers, data scientists, researchers, and more.

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Rafay Enterprise PaaS

Cloud and accelerated computing as a service, with guardrails included.

"The big draw was that you could centralize the lifecycle management & operations."

Beth Cohen

Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon Business

"Rafay’s thought leadership and white glove support has been fantastic."

Kumud Kalia


"Rafay’s unified view for Kubernetes Operations & deep DevOps expertise has allowed us to significantly increase development velocity."

Alec Rooney


"Rafay stood out from the crowd with their deep integration with Amazon EKS."

Jayant Thakre

VP Products

"Rafay's team of Kubernetes experts is always available for guidance on the best approaches for our AWS cloud transformation."

Sharmila Ramar

Global Head of Cloud , Devops & Data Management