Blueprints: K8s Cluster Templates

Templatize & Enforce Cluster Configurations
Across Your Fleet

Standardize Cluster Configurations
& Reduce K8s Sprawl

Enterprises require the capability to ensure clusters are compliant to internal policies and external regulations and have an approved set of software components as required across different departments such as development, QA, and production. It is extremely challenging, operationally cumbersome, error prone and time-consuming to do this manually. Cluster Blueprints addresses this challenge. With Cluster Blueprints, you can:

Setup and manage standardized cluster configurations in a centralized manner

Automate deployment with reusable cluster blueprints for dev, QA, and production

Eliminate configuration sprawl by enforcing cluster definitions including add-on software

Ensure clusters always comply with internal policies & industry regulations

Easily Create Sets of
Standard K8s Cluster Blueprints

Centrally specify and manage configurations for clusters encompassing security policy and software add-ons such as service mesh, ingress controllers, monitoring, logging, and backup and restore solutions. Securely manage these version-controlled cluster configurations in your Git repositories. Create multiple blueprints for clusters used by various users/groups (e.g., development and QA) and environments (e.g., on base metal, in public clouds or at the edge) to make cluster setup and management easier on the whole team.

Provision and Update Clusters
Based on Blueprints

Once a Cluster Blueprint has been created, it can be used for initial provisioning to ensure clusters are created with the required configuration. Cluster Blueprints can also be easily applied to existing clusters if or when blueprints are ever updated. This helps to reduce cluster sprawl and make Kubernetes management easy.
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Sample K8s Management POC Test Plan

Customize this POC plan for your K8s POC

View, Filter, and
Manage Clusters by Blueprint

DevOps professionals can use the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform to rapidly view, filter, upgrade, manage, etc., clusters fleet-wide by the Cluster Blueprint name and version. This allows the rapid and efficient management of a fleet of clusters. An update to the cluster blueprint configuration in your Git repo can be immediately propagated to the entire fleet of clusters in management in seconds.

Prevent Application Drift with
Drift Detection and Blocking

All software add-ons in a cluster blueprint are deployed with drift detection and protection control. This will detect, report, and block manual, out-of-band changes (inadvertent or malicious) to the configuration of the add-ons deployed to clusters as part of a cluster blueprint. A centralized audit trail is available for all attempts at out-of-band changes on clusters. This provides operations and security teams the ability to operate with confidence, knowing that the desired configuration is both implemented and enforced across their fleet of clusters.