Rafay Systems Reports 800% Growth as Enterprises Turn to Cloud-Based Kubernetes Management

100% customer retention rate maintained while more than doubling average number of Kubernetes clusters under management

SUNNYVALE, Calif. Mar 17, 2021 – Rafay Systems today announced 2020 fiscal year annual revenue growth of 800% over fiscal year 2019. Rafay has seen a sharp increase in demand and adoption of its Kubernetes Management Cloud (KMC), which provides organizations an enterprise-grade, cloud-based Kubernetes management solution for public cloud, on-premises and edge environments. Rafay’s cloud scalability, zero-trust security, Kubernetes distribution interoperability & ecosystem technology integrations — combined with world-class support — gives enterprises the ability to quickly and easily deploy production-grade Kubernetes environments in a matter of days.

Rafay also achieved a 100% customer retention rate as customers continued to leverage the company’s Kubernetes management solutions. Customer engagement also grew significantly as the average number of clusters under management per customer more than doubled during the year. Key sectors of growth and accelerated customer adoption were seen in the financial services, high-technology, defense, telecommunications and healthcare sectors.

“Kubernetes is a foundational part of the overall cloud-native movement that is enabling enterprises to massively increase the speed and scale at which they can engage customers,” said Haseeb Budhani, CEO of Rafay Systems. “However, the continued investment in cloud-native applications and supporting infrastructure has also pushed DevOps and IT teams charged with building and maintaining these systems to their breaking point. Rafay’s goal is to eliminate the complexity and ongoing operational burden associated with Kubernetes management, allowing DevOps teams to focus on business-critical applications and not on building/ maintaining complex internal tools for Kubernetes management.”

Rafay also expanded its partner program with technology partnerships with Hashicorp, GitLab, CircleCI and Datadog. In addition, Rafay is an AWS Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) with AWS Outposts Ready designation. Participation in the APN requires meeting the highest standards of AWS technical validation and demonstrating expertise in both Kubernetes management and AWS to ensure success for shared customers. The KMC supports AWS solutions and services including AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, AWS Snowball and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon EKS Distro. Companies can try the Rafay KMC with AWS Quickstart and purchase the Rafay KMC from the AWS Marketplace.

“Rafay’s Kubernetes Management Cloud stood out from the crowd with its deep integration with Amazon EKS,” said Jayant Thakre, Vice President of Products for SonicWall. “It allows us to quickly and easily manage our global Kubernetes infrastructure all from a single point.”

About Rafay Systems

Rafay Systems delivers cloud-based Kubernetes & container management solutions to corporations and managed services providers. The company’s flagship product, the Kubernetes Management Cloud, is used by DevOps and IT Operations teams to deploy Kubernetes with ease, reduce security & operational risk, and control the cost of managing Kubernetes. Rafay’s SaaS approach provides an enterprise-grade Kubernetes infrastructure in minutes, not months, allowing companies to manage and standardize Kubernetes clusters & application deployment workflows across any infrastructure, at any scale. For more information, visit https://rafay.co.

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