Cost Management Service Brief

With Rafay’s Cost Management Service, Operations and FinOps teams have a centralized place to monitor Kubernetes consumption and costs in cloud and on-premises environments, enabling them to implement flexible chargeback and showback policies enterprise-wide.

Read this data sheet to learn how Rafay’s Cost Management Service helps in:

  • Centralized Cluster Cost Management: More effectively operationalize and allocate Kubernetes cloud costs across teams in shared cluster and multi-tenant scenarios. This is done by the accurate collection and aggregation of granular resource utilization metrics from fleet-wide clusters

  • Installation Cost Profile: Ensures that Kubernetes cloud cost metrics are accurate by considering the organization’s custom pricing and cluster type. Cost Profiles are attached to clusters via Rafay’s Cluster Blueprint capability

  • Built-in Dashboards: Visibility into fleet-wide Kubernetes cloud cost network traffic across clusters and namespaces

  • RBAC Integration: Provides real-time visibility to cost metrics to platform and application teams based on their role.This increases transparency and reduces the time to execute any ‘closing the loop’ cost optimization exercises

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