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Launch Automated Fleet Operations at Scale with Rafay

Simplify the management of your Kubernetes environment on AWS

Fleet operations is the process for managing, monitoring, and governing a heterogeneous fleet of Amazon EKS clusters.

Fleet operations ensures uniformity, scalability, and high availability of Amazon EKS clusters. However, despite their numerous advantages, current fleet-based operation practices have their own challenges, even in relatively small environments:

  • Limited tooling to manage fleets in a streamlined and automated manner
  • Complexity in multi-cluster management due to configuration, policy, or security differences
  • Security and compliance concerns due to lack of centralized security policy enforcement
  • Manual pre-op and post-op checks to verify safety, readiness, or to validate operations completed successfully
  • Resource orchestration that stage fleet operations across a large environment to protect stability and availability

Rafay Systems’ Cloud Automation Platform, a solution for platform teams that wish to build automated self-service cloud infrastructure workflows, helps address the challenges of managing a fleet of Kubernetes clusters spanning various environments, data centers, and accounts with Automated Fleet Operations. It’s a solution that solves, at scale, the challenges associated with multi-cluster management.

Read the AWS whitepaper.

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