1-Click Kubernetes Upgrades

Automate EKS and Upstream K8s Upgrades

Reduce the Kubernetes Upgrade Process to a Single Click

It is critical to have a reliable, repeatable, and efficient cluster upgrade process to ensure both the Kubernetes version for the cluster and the OS for the nodes are kept current. However, upgrading a fleet of Kubernetes clusters often ends up being a multi-day task with various cluster components being upgraded manually. This manual process is burdensome, error prone and time consuming. With Rafay KMC, administrators gain seamless, in-place, 1-click upgrade workflows for both Amazon EKS & upstream K8s environments. With Rafay’s 1-Click K8s Upgrades, you can automatically:

Perform pre-flight checks to detect and report any known issues that may cause problems with the upgrade process

Upgrade the Amazon EKS/Upstream K8s control plane, worker node groups, and critical cluster add-ons (core-dns, kube-proxy and aws-node) in a controlled, phased manner

Perform post-upgrade validation checks to ensure the upgrade went smoothly

Access to a complete audit trail and detailed upgrade history to demonstrate upgrade success/failure

Cluster Upgrade Alerts & Notifications

Administrators are shown a notification when an upgrade is available for a cluster. Clicking on the notification will provide the administrator with additional information on what is available. A red banner indicates you are multiple versions behind the latest version and a blue banner indicates that the cluster is one version behind the latest version.


1-Click Cluster Upgrades

When selected (or automatically initiated), Rafay will upgrade all components to the new version of Kubernetes including the EKS Control Plane, all Node Groups (both managed and self-managed) and critical cluster add-ons. AMI upgrades also follow the same process as Kubernetes upgrades.

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Sample K8s Management POC Test Plan

Customize this POC plan for your K8s POC

Preflight Checks and Post-Upgrade Validation

Preflight checks are automatically performed before the cluster is upgraded to the new Kubernetes version. The following preflight checks are performed and have to pass before the upgrade process is allowed to proceed: cluster readiness, control plane health, and health of critical pods. Post upgrade validation checks are also performed to ensure nodes are ready and pods are running.


Kubernetes Upgrade History & Audit Trail

Rafay automatically maintains a history of all successful and unsuccessful upgrades. Further, an audit entry is generated when a Kubernetes upgrade is performed to maintain a log of who performed the upgrade when and from which version to which version of Kubernetes.